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A graduate school degree can prepare you for an advanced career in public safety administration and emergency management. Employed by government agencies at the local, state and federal level, emergency management specialists and public safety workers such as police and detectives ensure that any disaster or threat is handled quickly and safely.
Although they work irregular and sometimes long hours including nights and weekends, professionals in these fields cite the excitement, service, and unpredictability of their jobs as rewarding factors. Professionals in public safety administration and emergency management lay the groundwork for their career with rigorous academic studies, beginning with a bachelor’s degree and often followed by a master’s degree. In emergency management, entry-level specialists advance to the director level through on-the-job experience or by earning a master’s degree in public safety administration and emergency management. The public safety industry employs a wide range of law enforcement professionals, from local police officers to county sheriffs to agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Although job prospects vary by state and region, the outlook for these fields is favorable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of emergency management specialists of all kinds is expected to add more than 2,300 jobs over 10 years, faster than the average for all occupations. BLS data show that emergency management directors earned a median salary of $60,330 a year in 2010, with the middle 50 percent earning between $40,350 and $75,270.
To be considered as an FBI agent, an applicant must be a college graduate and have at least 3 years of professional experience, or an advanced degree plus 2 years of professional work experience.
Graduates of master’s-level public safety administration and emergency management programs will most likely be employed the government, which provides benefits more commonly than employers in the private sector. In public safety administration and emergency management positions, as with all professions, a significant gap in earnings exists between bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates: Median earnings of $64,116 per year for master’s degree holders compared to $52,624 for bachelor’s degree holders, according to 2008 BLS numbers. Master’s degrees in public safety administration and emergency management are offered online, and offer training in patrol, traffic control, self-defense, first aid, emergency management, constitutional law, and civil rights.
The best online graduate degree programs in public safety administration and emergency management provide students with a high-quality education comparable to one obtained through a ground school, but in a more flexible and convenient format that may better suit working students.
In public safety administration, employees should enjoy working with people and meeting citizens.
Sheltering and feeding, debris removal, disaster communications, and making repairs to damaged housing all share a common characteristic -- they rely on individual volunteers and networks of volunteer organizations active in disasters. Panelists from the American Red Cross, Southern Baptist Conference Disaster Relief, Radio Amateur Club East, and state and local emergency management organizations, among others, discussed lessons learned when integrating volunteer organizations during severe ice storms in February 2015 that impacted the greater Central Tennessee region.
He recalled preparing to receive volunteers who were skilled carpenters during the response and recovery from a tornado incident in his community. While always looking to improve, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency appears to have systems in place to integrate voluntary organizations as part of disaster preparations.
VOAD is most effective as a proactive and preventative organization by identifying resources before they are required during an incident. During the session, EKU students were able to ask questions of VOAD group members; the students also provided insight about how VOAD could reach out to the younger generations of volunteers and channel their interests. Contributing authors: Michael Bush and Sherana Tomblin, EKU students enrolled in the undergraduate Homeland Security Program, and Dr.
In the course of teaching courses in the emergency and disaster management (EDM) graduate program here at APU, I frequently receive questions from students looking for advice on entering into the emergency management field.  One of the most common questions I get is what are the skills that emergency management organizations are looking for in a prospective hire? Emergency management is a profession that requires entrants to have a solid foundation of training, education, and experience.
Theory and foundational principles can be obtained through education and training, but these concepts are just starting points in an emergency or disaster.
The future emergency manager and current EDM student must have strong communications skills.
Finally, whether you are a student or an emergency manager always remember that you cannot do everything on your own and you need to ask for help when needed before it is too late. Emergency Management is a growing field in uncertain times of natural disasters and terrorism; in response to this, many institutions are offering online emergency management degree programs as a way to prepare professionals for careers in this field. Many schools are beginning to offer these Online Emergency Management Degree Programs for the convenience of people already working in the field that wish to step into an administrative role. Executive Summary: This popular online university enrolls more than 36,000 students in 145 undergraduate and graduate specializations.

Unique Features: Undergrad courses cover communication strategies, juvenile justice, public safety statistics, history of violence, homeland security, and more.
Executive Summary: This is a completion program that requires the student to have completed the 44 credit hour general education core courses elsewhere. Executive Summary: Designed for emergency services personnel, the degree at this popular online institution aims to increase administrative and management knowledge and safety awareness of its participants.
Unique Features: The program examines technology, human resource management, and fiscal responsibility along with ethics, operations, and research methods.
Executive Summary: At Colorado State University’s Global Campus, undergraduate students may choose from many specializations, allowing the student to customize their degree.
Executive Summary: A for-profit university, Walden offers online degrees in a number of areas, including Education and Leadership, Management and Technology, Health Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Unique Features: Emphasizes learning how to develop long-term measure for reducing risk and preventing future disasters. Executive Summary: While not a full bachelor’s program, the certificate program at Drexel is intended to complement a bachelor’s degree and all of the certificate’s credits count toward bachelor’s degrees and are transferable from Drexel to other institutions. Executive Summary: This program from SUNY Canton is a technological approach to Emergency Management. Executive Summary: The University of Central Missouri seeks to fill the need for qualified emergency management professionals created by recent advancements in the field. Unique Features: West Texas University is ranked #72 among western regional universities, and its online bachelor programs are ranked #17 in Student Services and Technology and #23 in Faculty Credentials and Training. Executive Summary: Arkansas Tech University is one of the first universities to institute an entire department of emergency management. Unique Features: The emergency management program at Arkansas Tech is the first to have received regional, national, and international accreditation. Executive Summary: The program offered by UA-Fairbanks is one focused on building on the technical skills of its students to prepare them to fulfill an administrative role in the emergency management field. Unique Features: The Bachelor of Emergency Management degree from UA-Fairbanks is offered by UAF School of Management, an AACSB accredited business school. Executive Summary: The program at NLC is designed for union members already working in the field of Fire Service, EMS, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Homeland Security and other related fields to provide training to those professionals in the intricacies of emergency management.
Unique Features: National Labor College was founded to provide education in their field to union members across the country throughout the nation’s various unions and still serves that purpose today. Whether a result of human nature or Mother Nature, crises arise in society that must be managed before they affect the health, safety and infrastructure of a local population. Marked by demands such as travel on short notice and public scrutiny, assignments require that professionals respond quickly in times of high pressure. Emergency management in particular is a newly developing field, and individuals who enter this field now will be helping to shape the industry standards of the future. Job growth at the state and local levels will stem from increased demand for public safety due to a growing population.
The highest earning 10 percent made more than $96,230, and the lowest earning 10 percent made less than $28,840.
Choosing an online graduate degree program is a major and costly decision, so it’s important to conduct thorough research before selecting a program. Senior officers investigate candidates’ backgrounds and interview candidates to determine personal characteristics such as honesty, sound judgment, a sense of responsibility and integrity. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, which was held Oct. VOAD seeks to broaden participation to other organizations and anyone else that understands the importance of vigilance and proactive measures to help prepare for, respond to, and recover from an incident. It was brought to the attention of the VOAD supporting panel that it is never too early to get students involved and interested in volunteer organizations. Historically, emergency manager positions were filled by from the ranks of retired fire and police chiefs or military officers.  Today, professional designations such as the Certified Emergency Manager from the International Association of Emergency Managers and formal education at both the graduate and undergraduate levels are raising the bar for entry into the field.
In a disaster, the situation changes rapidly and requires strong, decisive actions; the emergency manager must be able to make solid decisions in a time-compressed environment without all of the required information. Whether it is communicating with agency representatives in an EOC or requesting extra time from a professor on an assignment, the ability to clearly and concisely make your point is paramount to ensuring that your message is understood.

Learning how to organize your work, manage your time, and look for efficiencies will make you more effective in both a professional and academic setting. All of these universities are regionally accredited and many are well respected, particularly in the field of emergency management. The university is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges (NCA). The program is offered online by Western Carolina University through the University of North Carolina Online website which collates all the programs available online from 16 North Carolina universities. Discounts may be available for active-duty military, military veteran, current military spouse, and international students. Thus, the Emergency Management Specialization can be a very attractive choice for students looking to serve in the emergency services and management fields, yet wish to have a broader bachelor’s degree to go with their specialized training. The goal of this certificate is to act as something more than a specialization or a minor, certifying the student as an emergency management specialist complementing any other degree the student chooses to earn. The program emphasises student education in the latest emergency management technology, and also in the actual development of exercises and drills. News and World Report ranks SUNY Canton’s online bachelor’s programs at #34 in Student Services and Technology. The focus of the program trains students in the skills needed to fill roles in private and public positions whether it be that of business continuity planner, institutional emergency planner, industrial emergency responder, or jobs in the field of public safety. News and World Report and its online bachelor’s programs are ranked on the online education honor roll.
The Online Emergency Management Degree program is designed to meet the needs of both full time and part-time students and the main focus of the program is on non-traditional students already working in the field of emergency management. The goal of devoting an entire department to emergency management is to provide students and faculty with the support necessary for creating qualified professionals for this growing field and to make significant contributions to emergency management and emergency management education. Arkansas Technical University’s online bachelor programs are ranked #52 in Student Services and Technology by U.S. The goal is to provide a program primarily geared toward emergency management professionals that will increase their competitiveness in the field and increase their qualifications leading to promotions into administrative roles. The college is a degree completion institution, so students must have 56 credits in order to matriculate into the offered programs, including the Online Emergency Management Degree program. In both emergency management and public safety, workers may witness death and suffering due to accidents, emergencies, and criminal behavior.
Review this website, and make sure you ask your admissions counselor any outstanding questions you may have.
A suggestion included taking proactive measures by attending and recruiting students during career days at universities and high schools. The program focuses on improving the student’s communication and analytic skills and preparing the student for advancement in career fields like Law Enforcement, Emergency Health Services and more. The program is mapped directly to FEMA’s emergency management system of preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation.
Drexel’s online education methods are steeped in a tradition of devotion to cutting edge technology and the Online Emergency Management Degree program is no exception. Training features virtual disaster simulations, simulated operation of an emergency ops center and an incident command center, as well as hazard modelling. The core of the curriculum revolves around training students in the procedures set forth by FEMA. As always, we recommend contacting universities directly to verify their accreditation status. These venues may be utilized to reach youth and make them more aware of the positive actions associated with volunteering with VOAD and others like it. The Homeland Security minor covers emergency situations such as WMD threats, introductions to the topics of terrorism, transportation security and many other topics relevant in our time.

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