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Learn English with other students of similar level Online English Clases with a maximun of six students and a native English teacher. One to one online English classes for businesses and individuals who prefer to learn from home, work or anywhere in the world. If you need to cancel a class, I would appreciate it if you could give me as much notice as possible please. Proofreading: Christine and I are connected via Xing and I just asked her if she could double check my CV.
She has been punctual, organised and considerate with all her students, who preferred her over the other instructors. My idea was to attend an intensive course in order to know my level and as a point of departure to prepare eventually an official exam during the year. The online English classes offered by Class Everywhere for business professionals and corporations don’t only develop proficiency in the English language, they are also teach key business phrases and concepts, may include lessons about email writing, sales, medical terminology, conference presentations, etc.
You must be astute enough to realize the importance of English for proper communication within your business or corporation. Our 1-on-1 classes bring you all the benefits of being the only student-learner with a professional USA teacher. We offer a unique learning environment for online English classes, one that works on almost every device: Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Learn English with qualified and experienced Canadian and American ESL teachers.Study English through our online English lessons at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. With our innovative delivery method there is no need for you to rush to a classroom after work.

We design the classes so that they are interesting and fun but most of all we are here to meet your English learning needs. All of our students have their own personal web page where all class material, exercises and homework are stored for easy and organised access, wherever and whenever you want.
She used to give me face-to-face classes, but, because of my timetable, we decided to change to Skype.
We even help students to write and practice speaking their presentations for future conferences. For example if you want to train just one or two employees in English, then you can opt for the one-on-one training or have them learn together in a small group class. In this information age, when English is treated as the standard language in the international business arena, mastering the language means you will be more competent at doing business with you counterparts from across the globe. Class To You offers an exclusive online English course for learners of all ages, located anywhere in the world. We help new Canadians before and after arrival, through information, tools, and videos focusing on job preparedness and settlement first steps. In addition, we have the capability to record the english class and post it on student's web pages. Whether it be presenting your ideas, writing reports or writing memos to colleagues, proficiency in English can make a huge difference.
Large group classes, where many employees attend the class in a single room, can be both time-efficient and cost-effective.
You can attend English classes online via your iPhone, iPad, PC, MAC, or Android devices as you want to!

As you are the only student in you exclusive class in English, you get ample attention, supervision, and guidance from your USA teacher. We know how every learner is unique; and so we come up with a customized and personalized online English course for our every student. At the same time we offer all the advantages of the latest technology to make your class the best possible. Whether you are doing business with an American, European, Russian or Arab, chances are you will both by communicating with each other using English as your common language.
Class Everywhere offers packages that are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, and our system allow students to attend classes from wherever they are, whether it be their home, their work stations or even at a hotel. Each class is (at least) 45-minutes long, which we have found to be the perfect amount of class time.
No need to wait for your teacher to answer your questions and clarifications– you get it right away.
We also talk to you about your specific goals in learning English and we tailor your English class to achieve your purposes.
No need to worry about skipping classes you paid for running late– you attend your class to learn English at your preferred time.

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online english classes for college credit

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