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You can use them to limit the data displayed in your table to only that which meets one or more criteria you specify. You can apply them to more than one column, with each additional filter being added to the current set to further reduce the data displayed.
I won’t bore you with anymore details on how the game works, other than to say there’s a lot of buying a selling of (fantasy) commodities and as a result the game generates large tables of data.  Perfect for filters.
3.       by cells that meet a format style – available when the column has font or cell formats. Clicking on any of the filter arrows opens a menu of tools where you can select from the different types relevant to the type of data in the column. Tip: To see what filter is applied hover your mouse over the icon and a screen tip will appear.
2.       Sort by Colour is great if you’re using Conditional Formatting, or even if you just have different coloured text or cell fill. 3.       By colour allows you to only display rows that meet the colour criteria you choose, whether it be the font colour or the cell colour. 5.       Text Filters (see menu below) allow you to specify criteria that matches a text value. From the menu above I selected Text Filter > Equals and the window below opens to allow you to specify your criteria. If you select Filters on a number column (see image below) you get slightly different menu options, including Less Than, Greater Than, Top 10, and Averages to name a few.
You can either select specific dates from this list or you can select a time sensitive filter by clicking on Date Filters > and then selecting from the options available. You can apply a quick filter based on the criteria that matches the active cell (see image below). Or to clear all click on the Data tab of the ribbon and select ‘Clear’ from the Sort & Filter group. So, you can see from the options available in the windows above that there is a vast range of criteria you can specify. 1.       Summing filtered data with the SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX formulas (and some others) results in Excel including both the hidden and visible cells in your formula. 2.       When you use the Find tool to search filtered data Excel will only search the data that is visible.
A filter can be applied on any column, but it is not easy to see which column has a filter applied. If you use the Subtotals tool it automatically groups the data for you so that you can summarise the data by the subtotals etc. I also immediately discovered that a blank row immediately below the filter row will cause problems. If you are a beginner or a professional wanting to refresh your skills with Microsoft Excel, this excel online training course covers all the basics you need to start entering your data and building organised workbooks. Dennis shows you how to enter and organise data, do the calculations with simple functions, teach you how to work with multiple worksheets, format the appearance of your data, plus building charts and PivotTables.
Check out our specials page to see if you are eligible for a discounted price on Excel Courses! Get all the learning tools, start straight away and have a resource for 12 months or life.
If you’ve never heard of EzyLearn and want to see a sample we’ll give you one, the Excel Beginners Course workbook and sample videos for free!
Our course options are how long you want to access the training materials and do you want a certificate.
As a student you can watch the online Microsoft Excel training videos as often as you want, print the training workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises. We provide the Microsoft Excel exercise files so that you can practice what you learn (and gain real experience with the software).

Everyone loves our Microsoft Excel training workbooks because they take students through the learning process one step at a time. Our course includes Microsoft Excel knowledge reviews to test your new skills and provide you with the learning resources to review your answers and go over the learning material again if you need to. Learn more about how the online course works. Unlike some larger training companies, our online Microsoft Excel training course includes everything.
Each of our Microsoft Excel Training Courses are designed as a half day training session for the training centres we use to operate in Sydney between 2000 and 2006.
We’ve only supplied these course outlines as Excel Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced to help demonstrate the value of our Microsoft Excel Courses because we include EVERYTHING for one low price. Rather than spend your time trying to choose which course suits your current skill level you can jump right in, start where you need to start and then fill yourself in on any basics you’ve missed and some advanced features that will really help you in your job or your business. We have been teaching students to use Microsoft Excel since 1996 at our training centre in Lane Cove and then later in Dee Why, Gordon and Parramatta.
There is one comprehensive training workbook with step-be-step exercise for each of the 9 courses and they take you through the relevant skills in Excel with our own exercise files that are also included in each course. Each of the 9 Microsoft Excel courses is divided into sections of explanatory videos (real life using of the exercise files and the software) followed by Knowledge Reviews that are designed to test your knowledge of the features taught in that section. We have all the training methods covered, AND you can go over and over the training materials as often as you want during your membership period – Did we mention that we have a LIFETIME course access option? For a limited time only we’re offering the Xero Online Accounting OR the Microsoft Word Online Training Course for only $97 extra when you enrol into the Certificate option for either MYOB Accounting or our Microsoft Excel Training Courses. Do you have a team of people and want them to have access to all our courses with our ALL YOU CAN LEARN training programs?
Feel free to visit our Microsoft Excel Training Course FAQ’s for all the common questions and answers about our courses.
Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel is a powerful features that enables you to get valuable information from a huge list of data.
One of the examples we take you through using the Excel Course exercise files is how we used Pivot Tables and charts to help us understand when students were enrolling into courses.
We had the information we knew – that Absolute Beginners and Excel were the most popular courses and that we could offer these courses in the morning, just after lunch or in the evening.
We started recording our first training videos back in 2003 so we could also compare the number of students who learnt using the EzyLearn videos or via class-based training and you’ll see all of this information in our advanced courses. It’s a great thing that we create our own Excel training courses and exercise files because what we discovered was that students prefer to learn when they want and at their own pace! The property markets in most capital cities in Australia were running hot in 2015 and ordinary people are borrowing a lot of money to enter and stay in these property markets. Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool to help you learn how to save tens of thousands of dollars of your mortgage and reduce your loan by a decade or more. Goal Seek is an advanced topic that helps you input the variables that you know to help you find the information you need. Our Online Microsoft Excel Training Course Comes With the Assurance of A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Formulas: Entering formulas using the keyboard, arrow keys and the mouse, understand the importance of relative cells references, common formula errors, using multiplication and division and how to combine two formulas in one. That means there are column headings or labels, but no row labels, and preferably no blank columns within your table. When I right click on the cell, and select Filter, Excel brings up a list of options based on the active cell. If you only want to sum the visible cells in a filtered set of data you need to use the SUBTOTAL Formula. I’ve checked that there are no blank rows, no hidden rows, and the formatting of all rows is the same.

Can one cell be colour formatted if a filter is applied in that column, or can the drop down icon be colour formatted if that icon is being used? With Excel that means 9 courses, 9 workbooks, dozens of Excel practise files and dozens of videos.
Our videos replicate the exercises in the workbooks using the exercise files included in the courses.
There are dozens of files and many of them can be used in real life scenarios in your office or even to help calculate mortgage or finance repayments. All 9 workbooks are designed to progress students from basic to more advanced skills when they are needed in the learning process. Although we include all of these 9 courses for the one low price we’ve demonstrated below how they are usually separated into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Excel Courses. If you are an intermediate Excel users you may learn something from the Beginners courses and focus on the Advanced courses and if you are more advanced you can brush up on the skills taught in earlier courses.
You’ll be able to use our exact data in a Pivot table to see when students like to come to a training centre to do a course – we used this information to schedule our courses up to 6 months in advance! In fact you don’t need to choose what skill level you are at because we include all our Microsoft Excel Courses for the one price (we also do this for our Word, MYOB, Xero and WordPress courses). Even back then we knew that there had to be a better way than scheduling rooms, courses and trainers around holidays, sick days and long weekends. Best of all you get access to new material and updated content during your membership period. After you master the basics you’ll be able to use the powerful features to get the decision making information you need from a software program as valuable and widely used as Microsoft Excel. Selecting information: Understanding the mouse cursors used within Excel, how to select cells, columns and rows and multiple ranges of information, how to select cells using the keyboard. AutoCalculate: Get quick additions and basic functions quickly without having to enter formulas.
Each time you open the workbook Excel will reapply the filters based on the current date on your computer. You’re welcome to sample our absolute beginners to Microsoft Excel Training Workbook (see below for more details). Read about our journey from a physical training centre business to an online training company. Copy and Paste: Drag and drop, cut, copy and paste in a worksheet and from one worksheet to another and even between different software programs. Editing cells: Typing and entering information, editing existing information and entering the changes, using the status bar information, escaping out of cells. Formatting: This effects the way your spreadsheet looks, everything from lines, colours, shading, and even the format of text and numbers. Changing column width and row height for single and multiple columns as well as making all the columns the same width and using AutoFit. Topics include: Currency formatting, date and text formatting, merging cells and centering, Alignment formatting and text control within single and A merged cells, fill colour, font colour and Borders. Database: Creating a simple database, understanding simple database structure (ideal knowledge for mail merge with Microsoft Word), Inserting and deleting columns, using Undo and redo options. Advanced formatting: Autoformats that allow you to quickly make your spreadsheet look very professional, repeat last action, and format painter make it faster for you to duplicate commands and formatting, using format painter with entire spreadsheets to apply multiple formatting in just a couple clicks.

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