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Our online course is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, Excel training course available. Furthermore after completing Excel for Teachers you can register it towards your professional learning requirements administered by WACOT (or any other administration body)! This is the simplest and easiest way to upskill yourself in Excel and qualify for some professional learning. Data Management in Excel is a free ten part email course intended for those just getting started with Excel's data management tools. Our online Excel training experience is designed to teach Microsoft Excel in a fun, interactive, self-paced, and social way.
It teaches the content of the Excel University books through lecture videos, engaging homework activities, and instructor moderated forums so you can ask questions as needed.
The training is built with today’s technology in mind and fully utilizes the web to deliver effective Excel training. One of our training clients is a CPA firm that prepares an Excel financial reporting package each month for selected clients. To view the actual Excel features and functions covered in each course, please view the course details page available on our course list. The content of the Excel course must be relevant and practical so that you can get your work done more quickly. This course is very useful to accountants because it gives insights on how to be efficient on the job. When evaluating course formats, which range from static PDF files to YouTube videos, you want to pick an effective format that will be a good fit for your learning style. Content Delivery: The course content is delivered both through lecture videos and written text. Hands-on homework: After you have watched the lecture videos, it is time for your hands-on homework.
Interactive: The course is interactive, meaning, you are always able to reach out for help. Self-paced: The course is on-demand so you work at your own pace and according to your schedule. It’s a GREAT course and it’s organized in a format leagues above the usual online learning styles. For training to be effective, you want an author that has relevant background experience so that practical Excel features are included, and you want an instructor who can clearly articulate Excel ideas and concepts.
Excel University is designed and presented by award winning instructor Jeff Lenning CPA CITP, and you can read more about him below. Excel University courses are designed around an eight-week schedule and include the content from an entire Excel University volume. Jeff Lenning, CPA and Microsoft Certified Trainer is the author of the Excel University series and has developed both the books and the online training videos and curriculum. Jeff recently received the Award for Instructor Excellence from the California Society of CPAs, and has trained thousands of accountants on Excel over the past decade.
He has provided training for numerous Fortune 500 companies and continuing education for many state CPA societies as well as the AICPA, and is a Microsoft Certified Excel Expert.
He has contributed 30+ articles to trade publications such as the Journal of Accountancy and California CPA Magazine. We’ve created a free evaluation course so you can check out the materials, video quality, presentation style, homework, and content. We are sure that our Excel training will help you work more quickly, that the content will be relevant, and that you will love the format.

The exam is immediately graded when you click submit and the certificate is available for download instantly. The certificate of completion includes the information needed to claim the course for self-study continuing education credit. There are no formal prerequisites, but the course assumes you know the basics, such as how to open and save workbooks. You have full access to the online course materials during the entire enrollment period, even after you complete the exam and receive your certificate of completion. Your training investment of both time and fees pays handsome efficiency dividends each month as many of your manual tasks are delegated to Excel.
Join the 16,000+ students who have experienced the Excel University curriculum in its various delivery formats. Students from all 50 US states and more than 55 countries have enrolled into Excel University.
The Full version is targeted to accounting professionals and delivers our premier training experience. The Lite version includes the same content as the full version but excludes CPE-related elements such as quizzes, instructor-moderated forums, the final exam, and the certificate of completion. If you are sincere about improving your Excel skills, and you are ready to go, click the button below to take the next step and begin the enrollment process. If you are not quite ready, and want to learn more, use the buttons below to navigate to a more detailed page based on who you are. If you’re an individual looking to take an online Excel training course, you are in the right place.
If you are a training coordinator, we offer group enrollment discounts into our on-demand sessions, or, we can set up a private session for your group.
If you’re a college professor looking to utilize the Excel University curriculum for your course, there are many ways to integrate the content into your classroom. If you are a CPA looking to obtain continuing professional education credit for an online Microsoft Excel training course, please visit our Excel CPE page which provides additional information. The Dynamic Learning Online (DLO) web-based Excel 2007 training utilises the latest in Cognitive Load Theory to quickly outline and teach the latest Excel features in a powerful and easy-to-use format.
Buy your 12 month's subscription to the world's easiest and most thorough online training program to learn Microsoft Excel 2007.
Our inbuilt Learning Management System database provides a detailed summary of what lessons you have undertaken, how many times you may have worked through a lesson, and how long it has taken you. University tested online training courses for Microsoft Office, Windows, Social Networking, & Digital Photography Cameras! For the low price of $39.95 you will be granted 30 days access to the Excel online training course, and immediately start creating your own marking book.
Currently the training consists of free email courses on getting started in Excel 2010 or Excel 2007 and a course in Excel Data Management that works in both Excel 2010 and Excel 2007.
This daily five part email course gives you an overview of the Excel 2010 screen and covers the steps to creating a basic spreadsheet in Excel 2010.The topics for the tutorial focus on entering data into a worksheet and using functions and formulas for calculations. Every day, we'll cover something different about data management in Excel - how to create a database, using the data entry form, protecting data from being changed, how to sort data, and different functions that can help you extract information from a database. You’ll discover that Excel isn’t a fast calculator, it is a platform that can be used to automate virtually any data-driven recurring task.
When you use Excel to get your mechanical tasks done faster, you’ll have time for more important tasks such as client service, analyses, and business development. Your training investment of both time and money pays off if you can apply the Excel items discussed.

If you are an accounting or finance professional, the Excel features and functions covered are relevant and can be applied to your work and your workbooks. While the lecture videos make the content easy to absorb, the text provides comprehensive details in an easy-to-read format. The homework activities enable you to practice the skills presented, and include Excel exercise files, polling questions, formula challenges, blog articles, and forum posts.
Head over to the instructor-moderated discussion forums and view previous questions or post your own question. Excel University includes HD lecture videos, copy-edited manuscript, exercises designed to teach hands-on, solutions videos, and more. If you would like to have a permanent printed reference, you can optionally purchase the published, bound copy of the textbook through Amazon. Most participants spend a couple of hours per week, however, the course is delivered on-demand so you can work at your own pace, either faster or slower than the suggested schedule.
This timeline is established by NASBA, and as a CPE sponsor Excel University is bound by this term. The course enrollment fee includes everything you need, including online access to the book chapters, lecture videos, homework activities, and solutions videos. We’ve put together some evaluation quotes and stats from the sessions to give you a sense of the student experience.
Since its launch however, we’ve come to discover that Excel University appeals to a far wider audience.
The full version meets NASBA’s QAS Self-Study standards for claiming CPE credit, includes instructor-moderated forums, and provides a certificate of completion. The sessions are on-demand, so you can register and gain access to the content immediately. Sixteen interactive online training sessions or activities, covering many of the important new features of Excel 2007, are included. Remember this isn’t a purchase of an eMarks book template this is training you to create and maintain your own!
The training course provides a great introduction, and it will make it easier to get started with Excel's data management tools.
After applying the features, functions, and techniques presented, the process now takes 4 hours per month. Answers to all exercises are provided in the solutions videos and the downloadable Excel workbooks. The manuscripts available in the online courses are the same as the published versions available on Amazon, which have gone through a rigorous publishing process.
Doing so would provide a tangible resource that includes everything covered during the training session.
With our companion Excel 2007 testing module, you can quickly check your skill levels before training, and monitor these again once you have completed the various interactive training activities. Free access to the Resource Library during your enrollment period is included when you purchase a training bundle.

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