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The dramatic increase in profits last year was because we effectively went wholeheartedly into hospitality and then our FM business, so we grew from nowhere the soft services and FM part. The business is split into three divisions: outsourced services, FM and cash-handling services. I expect 2009, certainly in our outsourced services division, to be lower, simple because of the downturn in terms of the construction industry and business in Dubai generally – and, of course, worldwide. Everything we expect, I am sure, will happen – it is just going to take a bit longer.
Growth, while it has been impressive historically, has slowed this year simply because the size of the marketplace has decreased, and people are taking a little longer to make decisions in terms of their contracting. The infrastructure being set up here in Dubai and the UAE in particular includes such notable achievements as the Dubai Metro, and the F1 at Yas Island in in Abu Dhabi, which was superb. We are very, very keen on making sure that when we have a client we can provide and anticipate everything that they will require. I think it is an ideal time for people to be thinking about and anticipating what the future will hold, very much as we are doing within our training division at the moment. At the moment we do training for security guards in Dubai, but are looking more broadly at APL security training. As well as SKMC, SEHA owns and operates several other healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi including the new Mafraq Hospital, which won the best sustainable hospital project award last month at the Hospital Build Exhibition in Dubai. In addition, SEHA received highly a recommended recognition in the category of Best Hospital Design for its new Al Ain Hospital.
SEHA’s HealthSystem also received the highly commended award for best healing environment at the event. The organisation was honoured for reducing length of stay, having a well-managed patient flow, reducing waiting times, decreasing levels of infection, achieving good health and safety records, having a well managed patient nutrition programme and receiving positive patient feedback through testimonials.
Between November 2014 and October 2015, Dhofar Global, a supplier of hygiene care products, was awarded several contracts by both local and regional companies. But in spite of the rapidly growing facilities management industry of the Middle East, the company still faces a challenge on awareness and recieving feedback of a product’s effectiveness.
The integration of photovoltaics into building structures means that facilities managers are increasingly having to look at energy modelling and resource utilisation issues.
PV installations throughput the world reached a record high of 5,95 GW in 2008, representing a staggering growth of 110% over the previous year, according to market research from Solarbuzz of the US. A total of 81 countries contributed to this total market, lead by Europe, Spain, Germany and Korea. Overall capacity utilisation rose to 67% in 2008, while thin-film production (the latest efficiency advance in PV panel technology) rose a phenomenal 123% increase in 2008. This is quite removed from the normal electro-mechanical and plumbing ambit of a typical MEP contractor. Known as Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), pundits claim this is poised to change the face of construction, energy and urban planning in the coming decade.
The Department of Energy in the US, for example, has estimated that BIPV technology has the potential to generate half of its electricity needs.

Major Ibrahim Abdulrahman Bin Saif (Dubai Civil Defence), Belimo Automation FZE GM David Stevenson and operations manager Bashar Mansour. Present at the official opening of the new training facility was Major Ibrahim Abdulrahman Bin Saif from Dubai Civil Defence, Nigel MacKenzie from Pacific Control Systems, a notable end user of Belimo Automation products, and Shepherd himself. Looking at the training facility in more detail, Shepherd says it is divided into two distinct sections, namely energy-saving and fire and safety. The training facility also serves as a working display of Belimo Automation’s ringbus system for fire and smoke damper actuator control.
It is critical to test smoke and fire damper actuators on a regular basis, especially as they tend to be left in one place for a long time. The flexibility of the system also means that all possible fire protection designs for a single building can be catered for.
Middle East Architect catches up with Bob Knott, senior development manager of golf courses for Jumeirah Golf Estates, to talk about designing, building and maintaining Earth, Fire, Wind and Water in the Middle East. The Earth golf course at Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE) - which recently played host to the Dubai World Championships - is a sharply defined, sculptured course that was inspired by the parklands of Europe and North America. With a variety of inspirations that range from the olive groves of Spain to classic Roman towns and villages, the homes of the Earth neighbourhood offer a compelling variety of architectural styles. Because of the publicity surrounding last month’s Dubai World Championships, the Earth course has become very familiar to golfers and golf course designers throughout the world. In terms of golf course architecture, Fire is framed by a wide variety of flora, carefully selected to reflect the overall theme and to enhance its natural setting, which is largely burnt grass and red sand.
Rich tones of terracotta reflected on walls of stucco, stone and brick, the Fire neighbourhood draws on rustic Mediterranean architecture that complements the desert context.
Middle East Architect caught up with Bob Knott, to talk about sustainability, design and maintenance of the Middle East’s most expansive golf course development. So as soon as we shape, we need access to water, so the first thing I did when I came here was create a temporary lake. What we have done in FM is decided that, as well as having the soft services, we want to offer the full package – proper FM, self-performing, so we can control quality, efficiency and the expediency. We are putting together some significant packages that will be available in the marketplace within four to five months. The environmentally sensitive 745-bed building is currently being constructed to replace the current hospital in the same area. I congratulate our team and all our partners on this recognition which shows we are moving in the right path towards that goal,” says SEHA chairman Saif Bader Al Qubaisi. Mainly for the supply of tissue paper, the contracts were awarded by companies such as NCTH, the Rezidor Group and Shangri-La.
Featuring hand towels, centre feed rolls and kitchen towels, the tissues are made of mill by-products, thus significantly lessening the production’s negative impact on the environment.
On the supply side, world solar cell production achieved a consolidated figure of 6,85 GW in 2008, up significantly from 3,44 GW a year earlier. But there is an aspect of PV technology dovetailing with the construction industry that offers huge scope for the MEP sector.

Over the coming months we plan to embark on numerous training sessions based on real-life scenarios,” commented Stevenson. The respective OEMs can then visit our training facility, where we can, for example, install their VAV box. One of the biggest problems in the Middle East market is that contractors and consultants tend to focus on the initial cost at the expense of the overall cost and its associated long-term benefits and payback implications,” argued Shepherd. Operations manager Bashar Mansour says that, “in case of fire, it is important that everything functions as it was designed for. The Belimo ringbus solution can supply power and control and monitoring over four wires, wired in a daisy chain method.
Once a particular system has been installed, it can also be retrofitted as and when required.
Designed by golf legend Greg Norman and executed by Norman and JGE’s director of golf operations, Bob Knott, the course paints a magnificent pastiche of flora, rolling terrain and rushing water. Fully grassed since April 2008, JGE gave Earth two seasons to mature before the championship tournament.
The seven communities sited around the Fire course are landscaped to complement the beauty of their desert surroundings. We had a specific 24-inch main from Dubai Municipality that would service our temporary lake so everything we built emanated away from that water source.
I had shapers here from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, Mexico and Great Britain. This can be connected to different controls, allowing us to simulate varying system pressures. Our system not only provides convenient testing in this regard, but also reduces 80% of the associated cabling cost, which can amount to millions of dirhams on a large project,” said Stevenson.
These natural components also provide differing angles and changing perspectives from each tee.
We began looking at features we could design into the landscape, whether those were lakes or streams or trees or general landscaping.
We are a total solutions provider, and therefore need to be training our customers prior- and post-project,” said Shepherd. Here we are able to demonstrate this technology by using real-life scenarios,” said Stevenson. If there is a single fault, it will still function properly and communication will not be lost, as it is a dedicated system that is independent of the BMS,” explained Mansour. To get to this level of quality, you have to spend an inordinate amount of time preparing those surfaces.

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