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Gain an intermediate level of knowledge and learn how to use Xero to manage your own business accounts or your client’s accounts. About the course developers: This course has been developed by Xero and the team at The Career Academy. Duration: This course takes only 8 – 10 hours – study around your schedule in your own time. I was struggling with using Xero at work, not having used it at all before March 2016 so a work colleague did an online search and emailed me a link to your site.
I have recently started a new job and they use the Xero accounting system, I saw an offer through Our Deal and thought I could increase the duties in my role by being able to take on more from that side of things if I became familiar with Xero. Help was available when I needed it and the assessment instructions where clear and easy to follow. My employer has changed to Xero and as I do the accounts processing it was a good overview to get some knowledge on the product.
I completed this course to get some software knowledge, I am currently looking for an accounting role.
I decided to study with The Career Academy to learn new skills to put on my CV in order to improve future job opportunities.
I will be able to apply the knowledge learned and the content was relevant and useful and help was available when I needed it. I have just completed my first course through the Career Academy and have already enrolled for my second.

Designed to give you a working knowledge of the essential business processes using MYOB AccountRight software, this course will take you from entering sales and purchases right through to reconciling the bank account. Qualification information: On successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate in MYOB Accounting.
About the course developers and tutors: We have developed this course in conjunction with MYOB. I could do the course at my own pace and in my spare time, I have 2 very young children so time is a luxury and I could fit it in around them. I decided to study with The Career Academy because I found that the Academy could provide good training for both the MYOB & Xero programs, both of which I was previously lacking when I applied for various accounting jobs. I didn’t realise how easy MYOB was to use until I finished this course (Certificate in MYOB Accounting). This course will set you up with a strong understanding and practical knowledge of Xero to advance your business or career. My current employer is an accounting firm also, so I wanted to develop more in Xero to become familiar with the process of using the software when dealing with client information. I enjoyed the course – it was even good to reset the Demo company and redo the assessment transactions to improve my understanding. I found the tutors extremely helpful, the lay-out of the course material thorough and well thought through and the different topics very well explained in laments terms to make it easy understandable for all. There were a few places where I was directed to look for something specific and I had a hard time finding it, so links would be great.

I’ve studied MYOB and Bookkeeping before but it was back on 2008 so it was a long time ago.
Also another selling point was that I could pay for it myself using installments that wouldnt break the bank and I didnt have to fill out a mission forms to take out a loan at studylink.
Thank you to The Career Academy – there is definitely a few more courses I would like to complete before I am done! Work through the course in your own time, following our step-by-step instructions and completing the practical exercises. Become MYOB Certified today!
Learners will submit a practical assessment which will be marked with valuable personalised feedback. Work through the course in your own time, following our easy step-by-step instructions. Learn Xero now! Your tutors are available by phone or email to assist and support you throughout the entire course.

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online free courses with certificate nz

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