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Graphic design is a pretty saturated industry these days, as there are literally hundreds and thousands of graphic designers based all over the world. If you look at most of the websites on the internet (including portfolio websites), they’ll follow a pretty standard design. All of the portfolio items are displayed in an interesting way that works particularly well on touch screen devices (although it still works on desktops too). Much like with the lack of bold color usage, this has led to an influx of pretty boring, standardized portfolio websites that seem to be revolving around minimalistic branding.
In essence, this website combines not only my point about the use of bold typography, but also the use of bold colors. It’s not a style of website design that we encounter too regularly and therefore, it can be used to create a unique portfolio website that will be different to most others (when used correctly). Creating a portfolio that really stands out from the crowd will ultimately be down to your own level of creativity. However, it’s still important not to conform to the norm as you have to consider the huge amount of portfolio websites that are out there, along with the fact that the vast majority of them do have a standardized (somewhat boring) design. Sessions College offers a range of online graphic design courses for students in the Graphic Design Certificate program or for individual enrollment.
If you're just starting out, you're encouraged to build a foundation of theory with color, typography, and composition and learn the industry-standard software Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
If you're experienced in the fundamentals of design and software, the opportunities are endless. If you are a freelancer or job seeker, be sure to check out our Design Business course; it's got everything you need to build your professional identity, network with peers and clients, and land a great design job. Click on any of the online graphic design courses below to read a complete syllabus of requirements, instructors, objectives, and a course outline. Download the Certificate Programs catalog for program, course, faculty, and policy information at your fingertips.
Online graphic design courses and tutorials will teach students how to succeed in the industry. Free graphic design courses and tutorials are offered at these websites and schools, listed below. This website offers students with the opportunity to learn about Adobe Indesign via online video tutorials. Earning an Associate of Graphic Design Degree will help you pursue a career as a graphic designer. Although the differences between a Bachelor of Science in computer science and a Bachelor of Science in information technology seem minimal, a computer science bachelor’s degree and an information technology degree are not interchangeable.
Computers are composed of two separate but critical components: the software that runs the programs on the computer, and the actual physical elements of the computer itself—from the monitor to the power supply to the video card.
Computers are vital to business operations, as they are used to store, process, and produce important information.
From Wall-E to the beloved Mickey Mouse, our favorite animated characters are complex creatures that require significant skill and talent to create. CAD designers (also called CAD operators, CAD technicians, and drafters) use Computer Aided Design systems to prepare drawings and plans for production and construction. Have you decided it’s time to enroll in some computer science courses and earn your degree? You know IT is the field for you, but there are so many information technology and computer science programs to choose from. If you are technology oriented, enjoy working with computers, and are thinking of going back to school, consider exploring careers in computer science.
Computer information systems careers are an excellent choice for those seeking leadership roles in the information technology (IT) industry. If you have a knack for working with computers, then you may find computer programming careers to be appealing. A computer science curriculum teaches students about the scientific aspects of computer systems and how humans and computers interact.
Computer science distance learning options accommodate the needs of busy professionals with full-time jobs. When it comes to computer science jobs, so many disciplines are up-and-coming that it’s almost difficult to know where to begin.
A database administrator certification is a valuable career credential that is considered the industry standard by many employers.
In this day and age, the effective deployment of information technology is critical to a business’s success. If you’re interested in joining the information technology industry, now is an excellent time to consider the career change. If you love video games, are creative, and have a knack for using computers, a game design career might be a good fit.
In your free time, do you like nothing better than spending hours in front of the TV playing video games? From the billboards you drive past on the highway to the cover of your favorite magazine, graphic design plays a prominent role in many aspects of your life.
Graphic designers, also known as graphic artists, are employed by advertising firms, publishers, and other companies that work with visual communications.
If you want to get a master’s degree in information technology, you’ll discover that there are two main types of master’s degrees available in the field: the MBA in information technology and the Master of Science in information technology. CAD operators, also known as drafters, use computer aided design to prepare technical drawings and plans that guide the construction of various products and structures from industrial machinery to toaster ovens.
Computer programmers write, test, debug, and maintain the source code of programs that computers use to carry out functions. If you have a passion for video games, explore the opportunities that online game design schools offer.
Conventional courses are full of unnecessary content in its course syllabus so that it takes time to complete. This is a list of free online graphic design courses offered by the best colleges and universities of the world. The design courses in this list are categorized into three sections, one for students and beginners, one for intermediate level users and beginning professionals and the last one is, of course, for the seasoned pros. Each course in this list is a MOOC (massive open online course) by a highly respected university. By the way, if you are looking for a bachelors or masters degree program, you should check out my guide for an online graphic design degree. However, the course content, forum, lectures and all the learning material is provided free.

So, keeping that in mind, I’m starting with the art related courses that lay the foundation, and then we move towards the scientific parts of designing.
This course will provide you with the knowledge needed to start recognizing the role of design in today’s world, and to start making better design decisions in your own life.
This course is offered by Canva, a free service for designing social media banners and similar graphics.
This course will teach foundational graphic design principles (fonts, colors, images, backgrounds, and layouts) and how to apply them.
It’s easy enough to pick up Photoshop and mess around with it for a bit, but if you want to really get things done, you need a few essential tips.
This course is optimized for high school students but, anyone who is beginning to take interest in arts and design, can take this course. Art Fundamentals will address basic art and design skills in drawing and composition, principles of two-dimensional and human figure drawing. We concluded the previous segment with art based course, we begin this segment with an art based course. The course content is fairly easy to understand but it does require you to be already familiar with common design concepts, and this is the reason it is being added in this category otherwise I would have placed in the beginner section. Even though we have covered a couple design thinking courses above, this is a little different.
In this course, students will master the tools necessary to generate new ideas and quickly transform those concepts into viable new products and services.
Excellent user experience design should consider factors such as human’s demand, ability and cultural background thoroughly. An overview of the many forms of digital arts, this course encourages students in a collaborative fashion to identify and address problems in the cultural and urban environment. Obviously, all of these graphic designers have slightly different skill sets and some are better than others but they all have one thing in common, they likely have their own graphic design portfolio website.
It doesn’t take much scouring on the internet to find hundreds of graphic design portfolios but the thing is, with so many of these in existence, this makes it harder than ever to stand out.
You can see from the image that this website doesn’t really have a navigation bar at the top or even at the side.
Obviously, this has likely been influenced by the huge level of success that companies such as Apple have experienced in recent years, much of which has been down to their clean and clear UI’s and branding. Quite literally, typography can make or break a design and I’ve seen no end of portfolio websites where the choice of typography has done nothing to compliment an overall good design.
Using typography in a beautiful, creative and bold way will really help you stand out if it’s done correctly. Now, this isn’t actually a portfolio website, but you can still take a huge amount of inspiration from the overall design of the site and the use of typography. It uses a range of different fonts that complement each other and also, a range of different colors that surprisingly, seem to complement each other.
If you want to write for BestDesignTuts just drop an e-mail and tell us what you want to write about. Studying entirely online, you can learn the theory, tools, techniques used by professionals, as well as gain hands-on experience in print design and brand identity. You can delve into exciting print design projects, learn the ins-and-outs of printing, or build a portfolio of branding projects. Sessions College offers beginner and advanced graphic design classes for professional training and development. Learn about using texts and colors, how to formulate page layouts, and other various field applications.
Topics address the fundamentals of graphic design and how to approach your own work in a professional manner, among other areas of study. Subjects include intensifying color, classic colorizing, Photoshop, using texts, and retouching photos.
This website offers students the chance to learn about the software's applications via webinars and tutorials, in addition to online forums. Topics covered include using layers, quick production for companies, and opacity versus flow.
One might imagine that a computer science major is an ideal candidate for an online course of study. Computer science deals with the creation of computer programs, while information technology deals with the usage of those programs in business. Because businesses depend heavily on computers, there is a need for well-trained computer repair technicians in various organizations.
Computer support technicians, also known as computer support specialists, help people use computers. A telecom engineer designs telecom network infrastructure using a variety of equipment and transport media.
An animation degree equips you with the artistic and technological knowledge necessary to create memorable characters that capture the hearts and minds of many. Drafters work as part of a team, supporting engineers, architects, surveyors or scientists. Computer scientists and IT professionals are known for their logical minds, problem-solving skills, and ability to thrive as part of a team.
Computer information systems professionals, such as computer systems analysts and information systems managers, play a pivotal role in the technological direction of organizations.
Students pursuing a computer science degree learn about the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing and study the nature of computing to determine which problems are computable and how computers solve those problems. There are several types of distance learning programs available, and each requires varying levels of class attendance. With much faster-than-average job growth projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning a graduate degree in computer science may enhance your job prospects significantly. From devising the technology behind the latest handheld devices to exploring new ways to process fuel in an environmentally friendly manner, jobs in computer science are at the forefront of the modern economy.
Whether you’re a high school student with a knack for code or a seasoned graduate applicant, if you are worried about getting into college, here’s a brief overview of the admissions process for computer science schools. Obtaining a database administrator certification is a great way to demonstrate your database competence. From the computer software that we use to manage information to the operating systems on our mobile phones, information technology is a vital part of our daily lives. There are a range of opportunities for financial assistance available including, financial aid, scholarships, grants, student loans, and GI military benefits. Graphic design is the art of getting a message across through visual communication methods.

Graphic design education requirements are designed to teach students how to get their messages across in print and electronic media. Employers prefer hiring applicants with strong drafting and mechanical drawing skills, as well as a solid background in CAD techniques, mathematics, science, and engineering. If you are tech-savvy and detail-oriented, earning an online computer programming degree may be the right choice for you. A subset of game development, it is up to a game designer to develop a game’s overall concept and feel. But online courses are prepared in such a smarter way so that one don’t feel bore while browsing through the course content.
Understand theoretical foundations and practical techniques, whether your are a manager, entrepreneur, designer or student. In addition to learning basic design concepts such as affordances and signifiers, you will also gain practice in observing and applying design principles.
Naturally they plug-in some of their own promotions in the course but over all, the course is an ideal resource for anyone who does not have a design background and wants to take on graphic designing. This is a nice little course if you are new to Photoshop but you’ll have to register. The course marries theory and practice, as both are valuable in improving design performance. Those were designed for absolute beginners but this one is designed for a little advanced users. User-centered design is not only a requirement for designers, but also a professional quality of product managers and developers.
This courses focuses on criticism, intellectual debates on what design is, how we are creating it and how should it rather be created.
I will try to keep this list up-to-date and keep adding the new courses and removing the outdated courses. A lot of graphic designers seem to be almost scared of doing this these days, but if you do it right, it can really help create a lasting impression and ultimately, set you apart from the rest of the guys out there. He loves typography and can often spend hours sifting through font combinations in search of the perfect combination. We would love to get some suggestions from your side.Feel free to throw away your thoughts!
Students interested in gaining advanced software skills may consider our Photoshop courses and Illustrator courses. You can enroll in each graphic design course online in the Graphic Design Certificate program or an individual basis. Free Online Font Tools - Mega List of Web Based Font, Text, & Type Tools Graphic Design and Typography are deeply connected. Also available is an online tutorial on graphic design portfolios, which is an in-depth discussion of creating a design portfolio of your work. The US Department of Labor (DOL) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) both seem to indicate that many IT careers are among the fastest growing occupations between 2008 and 2018. Undoubtedly, online learning programs would not exist were it not for the work of well-trained computer science grads. They provide technical advice and support to individuals and organizations that work with information technology. Computer software is a grouping of computer programs, procedures or rules that assist the operation of a computer system. Telecommunication engineers specialize in a specific type of technology, such as broadband systems or phone networks. Management information systems careers involve the implementation and administration of IT within organizations. Computer software engineers design software programs, and then computer programmers convert those designs into a series of instructions using programming languages.
You have an uncanny knack for math, a love for systems and structures, and a website of your own that you built from scratch.
Whether you are aiming to pursue a full-time career in this field or just want to hone your design skills; these courses offer you the flexibility of learning.
So, if we enroll in regular classes in our neighborhood then the total expenditure will not be affordable for many.
If you try to learn the course in a conventional manner then you feel the problem of distance sometimes. Moreover all the unnecessary, basic and outdated information is erased from the course material. This free online course will help you get under the skin of such brands, and ask how and why they become so powerful.
For that reason, I figure that most of you are going to love these free online font and type tools. Computer support technicians are typically responsible for responding to inquiries, complaints, and requests for assistance. Organizations that employ telecommunication engineering professionals include engineering consulting firms, government agencies, and telecommunications companies. Before embarking on your educational journey, stop to ask yourself the who, why, what, where, and how of your academic future. According to educational experts these courses come under top five most sought after courses online.
Unlike a regular course in your nearby design school you need not adjust other works in your life to fit into the course. For example, there might not be any local branch of the best design school in your country.
Most, if not all, of these are very useful and I recommend that you use them when you have a chance. But when you sign up for an online course you can get in touch with the best brains in the field of graphic design. For the fact there are some courses which can be completed within a week only provided you can grasp the subject matter in detail!

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