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Brian currently works for a diversity and multicultural education training and consulting firm and teaches and designs courses for a few online colleges and universities near Buffalo, NY.
Do you think this will soon become a requirement of more states and high schools in the USA? Online programs and classes at the high school level have been under criticism recently just as online classes at the college level have been.
One of the advantages I see with online high school programs is the early introduction of students to online classes which will only help them be more successful when they go to college where online classes are becoming even more popular and widespread. If you are a high school aged student, grades 9-12, and would like to enroll in any of our online classes free of charge, we are offering a waiver of all enrollment fees for a limited time only. More and more high schools and even K-12 systems in general are looking at this due to the deep cuts in education nationwide.
Like online college programs and classes, online high school programs and classes do save a lot of time and money.

As an online faculty member, I often find myself spending a lot of time helping students with some basic online class skills.
Simply complete the following Enrollment Application and a representative will contact you shortly to inform you if you qualify. He has managed residence halls and apartments, advised Multicultural and International Students, and taught geography, diversity, college orientation, and technology courses at many campus and online colleges and universities. Brian is also a June 2002 graduate of the Social Justice Training Institute and is currently finishing up his PhD in The Leadership for Higher Education Program at Capella University.
One of the cons is the lack of face to face interaction that many believe is still needed in our ever decreasing face to face global world. I feel if these students could learn many of these skills in high school, they would be so much more successful taking online classes in college. Another one of the pros is that it will allow students who live in more rural areas to be able take more advanced placement and other critical college preparation classes.

Some poplar online colleges like Kaplan University and The University of Phoenix have their own online high schools as well. Also, more and more jobs are allowing their workers to telecommute as well as requiring them to work in online teams.
Having extensive experience with online programs and classes will only help with this for so many people in the future who take online classes and complete online degrees.

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online high school classes arizona

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