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These online seminars use the latest software to make them actual, live interactive learning experiences. Our hand picked team, including many of the UK’s leading Coaches and Facilitators can now deliver their mix of skills and motivation streamed live straight to your desktop! Faster internet connections means businesses and users can take advantage of our interactive live seminars without leaving their desks. By providing users with engaging multiple points of interaction including online polling and live Q & A facility, Change Creation can create a solution that suits individual company needs.

Using skilled specialists that you can rely on, we can provide your business with online development learning, training an audience easily and effectively, whether a small or large learning session or an interactive expert panel forum.
Each session is available on-line after the event has finished enabling participants to revisit the material later to aid their on-going self development. Our show reel presentation will demonstrate this innovative solution to ever-increasing demands on time and the environment - click here to view this demo.
Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.

Never Forget What It's Like To be A 'C' - The new novel by Managing Director Trevor Jarrett now available through Amazon in paperback and eversion.
Participants can receive course materials by e-mail prior to the learning session and will be able to view the instructor’s PowerPoint slides during the session.

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online leadership webinars uk

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