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The Office of Online Learning is located on the second floor of the Warren Library, Suite 203, in The Center for Teaching Excellence. Because our students are adult learners, we leave the extra reading to them, but strongly advocate additional exposure. We trust that these will enhance their learning not only in their academic pursuits but also in their personal lives. We hope that you will make use of these resources, as the additional reading material can substantially enhance your chances of achieving excellent exam results and improve your skills and capabilities.
The preeminence of information technology and digital infrastructure has created new challenges for the field of education, forcing universities to seriously address the rising demand for online education and e-learning. Coursera, and more broadly online education, is alluring because of the notions of access and affordability. These are issues that the history department as well as other departments across campus are wrestling with. Its mission is to provide the support infrastructure needed to assist and encourage the efficient and effective use of computer-based instructional technology in the curriculum. Education is more than just receiving a formal qualification and a student’s experience should not be limited to the stated syllabus.
These resources range from access to free downloadable textbooks, articles and links to websites that complement students’ pursuits.
Initially utilized by community colleges and corporate training programs, online education has rapidly become a viable option for many individuals, from those looking to earn a degree to people who simply want to learn something new. Jumping to the forefront of the demand for online education, Coursera, a for-profit company barely a year old, offers online courses from top universities for free.

The economic costs of providing this service are low, making it doubly attractive for the University of Illinois, a public institution that has seen cuts in funding from the state over the past few years due to budget shortfalls and slow economic times. Even though I am a History and Political Science major and not an engineer, I am very interested in the relationship between technology and education, especially how the former can drive change and innovate the latter.
He is currently writing a senior honors thesis on print culture and the state ratification debates over the proposed constitution, 1787-1789. Whether you’re staying at home to raise your family or are a busy professional in a demanding career, you can still complete your education — wherever and whenever you prefer.
Universities have tried to meet this demand by expanding their online course offerings and integrating digital technologies into departmental curricula. Since the company was launched in February, they have seen 640,000 students from over 190 countries enroll in 1.5 million courses. Online education enables universities a way to continue to offer courses, churn out degrees, and keep enrollment levels high, all without having to tighten their belts too much. Perhaps there isn’t a piece of technology or digital platform that is as effective at building these skills as in-class, face-to-face instruction. You’ll benefit from small class sizes so that you’ll receive the support and attention you need to be successful.
In addition, 33 universities, the University of Illinois being one of them, have partnered with Coursera. In light of these benefits, the University of Illinois is in the process of putting more courses online as well as rolling out nine classes on Coursera. We are a committee of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate representatives tasked with reporting how and in what ways online education can best be utilized in teaching history and making sure it is done in the right way.

Maybe the extent to which online education intersects with the history discipline is in a hybrid type format.
See MoreSee LessSITAL College 3 days ago One of our featured students for May is Renaldo Singh. With its deep economic implications for higher education, universities want to approach online education in a serious, sustainable, and pedagogically correct way. With thirty to forty students in a class, grading and evaluation by one professor is doable, but what about 5,000 or 20,000 student classes? History is a very interpretive discipline and it’s tricky, although not impossible, to mesh that with digital technology in the right way. We must first analyze its economic and pedagogical implications, important issues that the committee will be examining as we move forward. Who has the rights to the intellectual property of a lecture that a professor gives if it’s put out on the internet, freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection?
See MoreSee LessSITAL College 4 days ago Preparing for higher education is a goal that both you and your teenager need to work towards. The Youth-Career-Navigation Programme (YouCaNPro) is here to ensure your teenager succeeds.

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