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As a recording artist for DVD, Anita Chang has received praising reviews on her performance of the Chopin Ballades (AIX Records, 2003). Besides her DVD recording, her CD rendition of Jay Weigela€™s a€?Three Evocationsa€? (Albany Records, 1993) has also won favoring reviews from the Fanfare Magazine. Currently on the music faculty at the Los Angeles Harbor College, Anita was the Composera€™s Prize Winner in the Second Annual New Orleans International Piano Competition.
A Taiwanese-born American pianist, Anita began piano studies at age five and gave her debut performance at eight. The Hackathon is the brainchild of founders Alex Cory, Kirill Satanovsky, and Jackie Chang, who were all part of the Google Summit during the summer of 2014. They decided to work together with the other ambassadors and put on one large event rather than several small ones, and thus the idea for HackingEDU was born. They saw that they and other students are in a unique position to make a direct difference, because they are currently involved in the system. By bringing the brightest minds together from all of the major universities in California and other west coast states and the country, HackingEDU is creating the opportunity for these minds to change higher education for the better through the use of technology. As far as Cory, Satanovsky, and Chang are concerned, this is just the beginning for the HackingEDU Hackathon.
If you ask HackingEDU’s founders why growing the Hackathon is so important to them, they aren’t shy about sharing.
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She received the Bachelor of Music degree from the California State University at Fullerton and the Master of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music.
The organization’s inaugural Hackathon is coming up on October 23-25th at the San Mateo Event Center in San Francisco and is set to be the largest educational hackathon event in the world, bringing over 1,000 young and ambitious hackers from all over the country together to improve the landscape of higher education, while competing for over $100,000 in prizes. The summit tasked eleven students from various universities on the west coast to go back to their schools and put on small hacking events there. While the Hackathon is geared toward college students and marketed for them, it is actually open for anyone to attend. It also allows participants the opporunity to gain direct experience with the technologies the event sponsors are using.
The organization is building a dynamic community of people from all walks of life…students, education professionals and businesses…who are passionate about transforming higher education for the better.
They know higher education is our nation’s future, and they and a few other enterprising individuals want to make it the best it can be. 3 with the Long Beach Community Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven Second Piano Concerto with the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven Third Piano Concerto with the Carson- Dominguez Symphony, and Chopin First Piano Concerto with the California Sate University Symphony.
In the summer of 1994, she was awarded the Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Texas at Austin. Cory, Satanovsky, and Chang knew this could be more than just a series of individual, isolated events. That’s why Cory, Satanovsky, and Chang banded together to form HackingEDU to organize the Hackathon; they realized they are part of the university system, as all three of them are either students or consult in the higher education environment, and they and others like them have as much right to make a difference as anyone else. If not now, then when?” Now was the time to make a difference as far as they were concerned, which is why the Hackathon was put together so quickly after the Google Summit that inspired it.

Any person who has good ideas for how to use technology to improve the higher education system is welcome, which makes it different from other events that are for students only. It is unusual for events like these to be free, but HackingEDU’s founders have taken that idea and moved it a step forward, with not only admission being free, but with transportation from schools in California (and flights for a select few from outside the state), and even food being provided to participants at no charge. This preparation lets participants be better prepared to demonstrate what they learned at the Hackathon when they present their ideas to leaders in the higher education community.
These are people who will continue working together into the future to bring their innovative ideas to life and make them a reality for the world of higher education in this country. Hackathon provides the platform for them to transform it in an environment where the best ideas can be incubated and implemented, benefiting generations of university students and instructors. Her solo recitals have captured audiences in major cities such as, New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, Laredo, Augusta, etc. Her major teachers include William Race, Mack McCray, Arkady Aronov, Earle Voorhies, and Donald Gibbons. Besides the States, Anita has given a solo recital in Singapore and has been invited as a guest artist to teach and perform for the Summer Music Festival at Tunghai University in Taiwan.

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online learning center chang chemistry

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