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Western Illinois University offers a variety of options for students who want to continue their education through an online learning environment. View all scheduled online courses for Summer 2016 & Fall 2016 and projected online courses for Spring 2017 semesters.
Western Illinois University offers a unique Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree program designed to provide adult students with an opportunity to earn a regionally accredited undergraduate degree in a manner compatible with their educational needs and lifestyles. The RN-BSN Completion Program is completely online and is for nurses who have an Associates Degree in Nursing or a Diploma in Nursing and want to get a Bachelors in Nursing. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is available to complete entirely online. The Master of Science degree in Instructional Design and Technology is designed to prepare educational technology specialists, graphic designers, educational technologists, trainers in industry and business, and classroom teachers to develop, produce, and evaluate instructional and training materials to meet their educational needs and lifestyles.
This program opens up new or expanded career opportunities to educators by preparing graduates to provide leadership in the use of technology in K-12 classrooms and schools.A Coursework for this degree can be completed entirely online. The online elementary education graduate program is designed to help practicing elementary and middle school teachers use research-based teaching strategies that accommodate the needs of diverse learners in their classrooms, use assessment to guide instruction, create positive learning communities, and empower all students to learn.

Western Illinois University participates in the National Fire Academya€™s (NFA) Fire and Emergency Services for Higher Education curriculum. Since you don’t have that face-to-face time you’d have with a professor in the traditional classroom, it’s important that you be absolutely explicit with your comments and requests.
If you are having technical difficulties, or problems understanding something about the course, you MUST speak up otherwise there is no way that anyone will know that something is wrong. Attempt to utilize your reading materials and classmates first before employing your instructors help. Whether expanding your current skill set, or looking to complete a degree, we are committed to helping students achieve their educational objectives. We invite you to visit our School of Distance Learning, International Studies & Outreach for more information on how you can learn online. RNs who have graduated from a state-approved nursing program will receive 30 semester hours of advanced placement credit if they graduated from their initial program within the past 5 years, or have maintained continuous employment in nursing, or have continuing education in nursing, and successfully complete the first 9 credits in the RN-BSN Completion Program with a C+ or better. Each certificate program provides an opportunity to master specialized technology and skills in order for you to adapt and excel in an increasingly complex and technological work environment.

The curriculum is a program of 13 fire-related, upper division courses that were designed by the NFA. Also, if you don’t understand something, chances are several people have the same question. Members of the fire service may choose to take one or any number of these distance courses or earn a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university without losing time on the job while enhancing their professional growth.
If another student is able to help you, he or she probably will, and if you are able to explain something to your classmates in need, you will not only help them out, you will reinforce your own knowledge about the subject.
There is always the option of posting your question within your classroom; most professors allot a space for this.

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online learning center doe

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