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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Describe the trend of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and personal experiences in three MOOCs offered in Harvard University, Melbourne University and Case Western University. The Philips Learning Center offers continuing education that sets the standard for today's CT technologist.
Satisfy your continuing education requirements or expand your career in Computed Tomography with these basic to advanced online continuing education courses. You'll find registry review bundles to help prepare you for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists' (ASRT) computed tomography exam and dozens of CT courses, ranging from computed tomography basics to specialty applications like CT Angiography and Cardiac CT. For more information on acquiring Online Radiology CME and CE courses for other RT specialties, visit our Education for Radiologic Technologists page. The Philips Learning Center assists the healthcare professional by delivering quality continuing medical education that's relevant and timely.
The undergraduate English courses, offered through UF Flexible Learning, are offered in an online format. New types of digital devices coupled with widespread and instantaneous connectivity via the internet has led to a new conceptualization of how people engage with the world around them.
In our part of the world, digital media has entered virtually every realm of our lives, creating new norms, values and practices while re-shaping old ones.
Online courses are becoming more popular, with students choosing to learn from behind a screen rather than in a classroom.
At first glance, the idea of being able to “do school” from the comforts of home sounds grand.

However, as a fourth year student who has recently taken online classes for the first time, I’ve come to see this new trend in education very differently. The first step towards breaking down the false aura of awesomeness surrounding online courses is the realization of their value. Professors largely act as course overseers, while students are responsible for learning solo from regurgitated lesson notes.
Many of these courses are textbook oriented, meaning that it is an absolute necessity to purchase the book and any accompanying discs or online access codes. In an attempt to incorporate outside media material into lessons, professors ask that students rent DVDs from the Online Learning Center. So, unlike the classroom scenario where students watch videos as a part of the learning experience they’ve already paid for, online courses require students to pay additional fees for this material. Much of a student’s grade often comes from timed multiple-choice tests that rely more on memory than actual knowledge.
I’m troubled to say that university appears to have become, first and foremost, a business.
If education truly has been reduced to a bureaucratic, procedural relationship between business and consumer, then please, just hand me the credit. It seems utterly ridiculous that I should pay more than what I typically would for a course that forces me to demonstrate my understanding through a few multiple choice exams. I would like to end with a question for Laurier’s administration: Does it seem more reasonable to offer a self-taught course where a student’s opportunity for success comes from a timed multiple-choice exam based on information gleamed in a textbook, or a course where the professor takes an active role in engaging with students and provides an opportunity to demonstrate learning subjectively? Our continuing education for the CT technologist provides a compelling opportunity for self improvement and career advancement.

All courses are available to help keep you abreast of the latest trends and clinical applications in this fast paced diagnostic imaging modality. And if you're looking for Computed Tomography continuing education for yourself or your facility at reduced prices, you can buy an Online Education Account in order to benefit from large quantities of CEUs at significant discounts.
Our Computed Tomography CE programs are an example of our commitment to excellence in education.
These courses are designed for students that would like to earn credit toward their undergraduate degree, but require the flexibility of a self-paced learning environment. There are no classes to wake up for, no three-hour lectures to attend and, with the exception of some minor interaction via e-mail, there isn’t even a professor to engage with; it’s just you, your computer and your pajamas.
It costs the same amount of money to be almost entirely responsible for teaching yourself than it costs to be taught by a professor. Naturally, these “dynamic” texts come with a hefty price tag that hovers around the $170 range. This standardized method of teaching ignores the fact that learning is a subjective experience and places students who do not excel in this environment at a serious disadvantage. This bleak reality seems most obvious in the case of online learning where students are required to pay, in addition to already outlandish tuition fees, to sit at home and teach themselves a university course. If you are currently enrolled in an online or traditional on campus degree program, these courses can help you meet your general education requirements.

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