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Here you can find several comprehensive tutorials covering typing, including free typing lessons for kids, adults, and advanced students. All of these online keyboarding lessons are fun and very helpful for learning and practicing skills at the beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.
They demonstrate hand placement and technique and are very stress-free, reasonably-paced tutorials, to ensure you learn how to type at your own rate with no pressure. They keep track of your progress as you learn so that you have hard numbers and statistics at the end of each lesson, perfect for lesson planning and grading, or simply keeping a record of your own progress. These activities are so thorough that even someone who has never touched a keyboard could learn basic skills from them! This is a very easy paced tutorial, without urging statistics and time pressures.For every two keys practiced you get a small passage to type.
Peter's Online Typing Course - Doesn't track your progress, but the interface is clean and simple.

Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Acclaimed pianists and teachers help you progress regardless of your level : beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Concert pianist, professor at the Salzburg Mozarteum and the University of the Arts in Berlin.
Take advantage of our teachersa€™ advice on pieces categorized by difficulty from Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Debussy, and many others, for both 2 and 4 hands.
Our teachers guide you through the great works of the pianistic repertoire: Beethovena€™s Bagatelle, Brahmsa€™ Intermezzi, Chopina€™s Mazurkas and Waltzes, Debussya€™s Preludes, Schumanna€™s Scenes from Childhood, Papillons, and many more. Print the sheet music, listen to the piece, and download a recording of the accompaniment (for 4-hand pieces). It offers more than 100 pieces explained step-by-step by world-renowned pianists and teachers.

These elements include: hand position, notes on the keyboard, meter, dynamics, rhythm, and many more.
Between various lessons you will find some speed tests (of basic and intermediate levels).The lessons are accompanied with instructions and explanations. If you have never touched a piano and don't know how to read music, these online piano lessons are for you!

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online lessons youtube

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