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Cranach et son temps – Catalogue edited by Guido Messling, with contributions by Till-Holger Borchert, Elke A. Demand for luxury goods, such as the sofa depicted here, rocketed during the second half of the 18th century due to rising personal wealth and aspirations to own the increasing range of consumer goods on offer.
With increasing variety in clothes, food and household items, shopping became an important cultural activity in the 18th century. All text is © British Library Board and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence, except where otherwise stated.

This newly forged consumption culture was evident at all levels of society, in tea and coffee drinking, for example, and the wearing of finely printed cotton clothing. Dr Matthew White describes buying and selling during the period, and explains the connection between many luxury goods and slave plantations in South America and the Caribbean. It included a demand for a dizzying array of household goods such as cutlery, china, fine furniture, watches, snuff boxes, books and prints.
This taste for luxury was also noted in other cultural fields: theatre-going and the commercialisation of leisure.

Though much of this behaviour was driven by mercantile elites, new tastes in fashion trickled down rapidly to the lower classes. Cheaper versions of furniture and fabrics became available, designed to appeal to purchasers much further down the social order.

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online library catalogue brisbane

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