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Teaching as inquirySince any teaching strategy works differently in different contexts for different students, effective pedagogy requires that teachers inquire into the impact of their teaching on their students.Inquiry into the teaching–learning relationship can be visualised as a cyclical process that goes on moment by moment (as teaching takes place), day by day, and over the longer term.
Learning about my students' needsWhat is important (and therefore worth spending time on), given where my students are at? Planning for my students' needs What strategies (evidence-based) are most likely to help my students learn this? Impact of changed practicesWhat happened as a result of the teaching, and what are the implications for future teaching? Cafeteria-style education, combined with the unwillingness of our schools to place demands on students, has resulted in a steady diminishment of commonly shared information between generations and between young people themselves. To be culturally literate is to possess the basic information needed to thrive in the modern world … That children from poor and illiterate homes tend to remain poor and illiterate is an unacceptable failure of our schools, on which has occurred not because our teachers are inept but chiefly because they are compelled to teach a fragmented curriculum based on faulty educational theories.
It is true that, under our present curricular arrangements, academic achievement is heavily determined by family background. To withhold traditional culture from the school curriculum, and therefore from students, in the name of progressive ideas is in fact an unprogressive action that helps preserve the political and economic status quo.

In this teaching inquiry, the teacher uses evidence from research and from their own past practice and that of colleagues to plan teaching and learning opportunities aimed at achieving the outcomes prioritised in the focusing inquiry.
In this learning inquiry, the teacher investigates the success of the teaching in terms of the prioritised outcomes, using a range of assessment approaches.
Those who graduate from the same school have often studied different subjects, and those who graduate from different schools have often studied different material even when their courses have carried the same titles. Some say that our schools by themselves are powerless to change the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Middle-class children acquire mainstream literate culture by daily encounters with other literate persons. The teacher uses all available information to determine what their students have already learned and what they need to learn next.
They do this both while learning activities are in progress and also as longer-term sequences or units of work come to an end. Hirsch, a professor at the University of Virginia, wrote a best selling book which argued that progressivist education with its focus on experience had let down America’s students by neglecting knowledge in the form of a shared body of information.

The inevitable consequence of the shopping mall high school is a lack of shared knowledge across and within schools.
But less privileged children are denied consistent interchanges with literate persons and fail to receive this information in school. They then analyse and interpret the information to consider what they should do next.The New Zealand Curriculum, p.
The book included a list of 5,000 facts, dates, famous people, works of literature and concepts that every American should know.
The most straightforward antidote to their deprivation is to make the essential information more readily available inside the schools.

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online literacy learning games

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