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Recognizing the need for an all-in-one platform, ABC Research Laboratories evaluated the market and selected a partnership with MICROS Supply Chain to provide the end to end technology that would allow quality assurance teams to instantly track compliance at every point along a supply chain. The result is Actionable Quality Assurance™ (AQA), a completely cloud-based quality assurance automation system. AQA will give its users real-time compliance data at their fingertips in the form of trend reports and dashboards for scorecarding and executive reporting.
Lori Stephens, business development director for ABC Research and quality assurance veteran of the restaurant industry, spearheaded AQA’s development, and eagerly described how the system will dramatically increase supply chain efficiency and lower compliance and food safety risk. AQA will be underpinned and powered by the award winning compliance and traceability solution ‘myCreations’ from MICROS Supply Chain, a subsidiary of MICROS System Inc. AQA will officially launch in May of 2013, but is already being purposed for use by several major players in the food industry.
With an objective of having a consistent framework for executing and delivering projects, GIBS is equipped with a holistic quality management system which is a fine combination of tools, team and processes. Our expertise lies in combining right execution methodology with a right business model to empower our customers in leveraging cost efficient and high quality Technology Solutions .

Our processes help us to deliver exceptional quality and services that are in time and within budgets.
Our development team adopts project methodology based on project type and clients requirements. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Should outsourcing software testing be considered a core competency and what about outsourcing software testing?
Software quality should be a key leverage point in business strategy of a company selling or writing software. QA in any food related industry faces the daunting challenge of maintaining the standards of government regulations across the country or around the world, while at the same time maintaining the internal standards of the company itself. Its goal: Maintaining the principles of “fit for purpose” and “right first time” like never before. Additional features coming to AQA include a nutritional compliance app, providing a culinary sandbox for companies to hone ingredients in recipes (Dec.

ABC Research serves the entire spectrum of the food industry from pathogen and pesticide residue testing to nutritional labeling, FDA detention resolution and appliance benchmark testing.
The company currently serves 25,000 global users at 6,500 suppliers, helping them manage and protect more than 150,000 products worth $60 billion.
Ensuring these standards along a supply chain that can include dozens, if not hundreds, of points between multiple suppliers, manufactures, and points of sale means many quality assurance teams are regularly functioning over capacity.
2013) and the ability to manage manufacture facility audits for restaurant compliance (TBA).
Dedication to personalized service, coupled with superior scientific practices, is the foundation of ABC Research Laboratories’ success. Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes that can be hazardous to customers and destroy companies.

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online software quality assurance training

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