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Degrees and Qualifications: Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Life Coach, Positive Psychology, Heal Your Life Training, EFT Training, Quantum Success Law of Attraction Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner Training, Meditation Coach, Creative Visualization Coach.
I never get tired reading amazing animal stories; how pets alert their owner’s when there is danger, and act as guides for those who are physically impaired.
I recently read a very touching and endearing book titled, “Wesley the Owl; The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl”, by Stacey O’ Brien. When my daughter was battling the Shingles virus, I often found her cat sleeping on top of her, directly over the inflamed areas.
When I returned a few minutes later to call him back ins I found a large fern frond on the doormat! There is an incredible anecdote in O’Brien’s book about how she successfully used visual imagery and talked to Wesley the barn owl to prepare him for having his overgrown beak filed down and his talons clipped.
Testimonials“Of 2 Minds Life Coaching helped me understand the importance and necessity of clear communication.

Subscribe to PostsIntuition Has a Voice of Its Own; Examples of How Intuition SpeaksAnything IS Possible! This will reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can attract opulence (health, wealth & happiness) into your life. If you like, you can edit it with your own personal affirmations and targets and then record it in your own voice.
The astonishing tales of lost animals who find their way back home after years and miles of trekking. Aside from their extraordinary nineteen year relationship I was most taken with was the empathic and telepathic bond that formed between them.
Dino knew the time to go for a walk, he knew even before I gathered the leashes or call them to get on the truck, he started to bark non stop. For many of us, our animals are like additional children in the family with whom we share a mutual love and devotion.

When our guinea pigs were alive I’d hear them start squealing as soon as I opened the garage door. Neither of my children was awake, and I am certain no one sneaked over the fence during the night. So when I learn of animals who go to extremes to protect or find their people it affirms these deep connections. Another fact is that when they get exited but I tell them that I can't take them out that day, they express their sadness and disappointment, they look sad.
When I opened the slider door to let the cats back inside a beheaded bird lay gorily on the mat.

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online spiritual life coach training london

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