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This page contains the privacy policy governing the use of information gathered on this website. You may be one of the increasing number of students who is pursuing a college degree online. If you follow the suggested tips, you can succeed at online learning -- and enjoy the experience all at once. For those of us who have never study online before, it can be a little daunting – if not a lot daunting! Not particularly as I was studying in Darwin and there were no other students for this course in the region. That being said, some people are purely more dependent on in-depth interaction for in-depth learning. Many students assume that online classes require less work and are easier than traditional classes. We could interrupt to ask questions by pressing a button that identified the student, and in return she was also able to ask us questions to confirm understanding.

However, in southern states, there were people near enough to each other who could meet up. Not really, it’s just that it isn’t until you sit down to write the assignment that you realise you didn’t allow enough time. Don’t run through a course skipping videos, animations, and ungraded self-assessment activities.
Discussion board posts, written assignments, and email are all common modes of communication in online courses. Since courses are designed for students to do at least six hours of work each week, it’s not wise or effective to wait until the end of the week to do the coursework. The entire class would be recorded and then placed onto the website the following day for future access. There was also an interactive online forum that questions could be raised and addressed by anyone in the class.
In some classes, the classroom was activated early and students could have an open pre-class discussion.

I had to ask for an extension once and definitely had to prioritise – another episode of Breaking Bad or homework, hmm? I proved to myself that I could do it and more importantly that I don’t have early onset dementia!
Making sure that you have the proper Internet connection, spyware, and software programs installed is essential to your online learning success. A good post would bring up thought-provoking questions related to the lesson’s subject matter and would be multi-sentenced. Don’t let a piece of software or hardware prevent you from achieving learning objectives. You will likely be given points and grades for your postings, and detail and substance will earn you higher points and grades.

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online study skills program

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