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I was speaking with a business owner this morning and he mentioned that he was going to try a new accounting software SERVICE after a recommendation from his web guy?
In my previous blog post where we included a free training video about performing a bank reconciliation using MYOB, I mentioned some other bookkeeping software programs that compete with MYOB but the program that my business owner friend talked about was from a Canadian company called Kashoo…It then dawned on me that of all the bookkeeping programs only one of them is Australian owned anyway, SAASU. This adds to the impetus behind local Australian bookkeepers having to compete with international remote workers for bookkeeping work… but more about that another time.
The good news right now is the MYOB is a clear market leader for use in most small businesses and if you are looking to earn a living as an accounting employee or independent contractor the chances are you will need to know how to use MYOB Accounting software.
We will be reviewing the online accounting software mentioned in this blog post so make sure you subscribe to receive the reviews as they arrive. You will learn Graphic Design, Web Design, User Interface Design, Experience Design, Computing, Visual Design, Multimedia Authoring, Digital Design, Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Typographic Design, Marketing, Print Design, Production, Life Drawing, Illustration, Managing Design, Package Design, Communication Design, Publication Design, Editorial Design, Advertising Design, Product Design, Copy writing, Creative Writing , Art Direction, Creative Direction, Account Planning, Media Planning, etc. Adobe Flash CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Dreamweaver CC, Fireworks CS6, Bridge CC, CorelDraw X6, XHTML, CSS, Acrobat X, etc. Students with recognized diploma or certificate in the relevant field will be given credit exemptions based on past results and portfolio review.
Talk to us about how you can get your Edexcel BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND) along with our Advanced Diploma, without paying any additional course fee.
To help you decide which software program is right for you, I’ve summarized the key features, functionality, and pricing structure of four of the top training solutions for an at-a-glance comparison.
If you’re interested in any type of live training or instructor-led training, DigitalChalk is not for you.
With DigitalChalk’s focus on continuing education and regulated industries, its biggest differentiator is its exceptional tracking capabilities.

Customers commented that it takes a little while to learn the system, but DigitalChalk offers free training and a lot of online documentation to help you get up to speed. DigitalChalk has pay as you go pricing (monthly subscription) that’s based on the number of courses delivered plus a setup fee.
Firmwater LMS is a web-based solution designed from the ground up for training companies and content publishers.
Firmwater’s biggest differentiator is its full eCommerce integration and assessment engine.
Customers recommend Firmwater for its flexible and affordable pricing structure, as well as its straight-forward and intuitive user interface.
Customers commented that it is a great product for smaller, first time content publishers, especially those with little IT infrastructure. LearnUpon’s biggest differentiators are its client portal, eCommerce features, and course licensing.
Customers commented that the technical support and responsiveness is “first class”, and that LearnUpon continuously improves the product with new releases every few weeks. Training JumpStart is a web-based solution for training, consulting, coaching, or advisory firms that want to deploy and sell their online courses and certification testing to clients. Training JumpStarts’ biggest differentiators are its ability to customize everything through the portal and its extensive multi-lingual support, which makes it a great choice for companies that operate internationally. Customers recommend Training JumpStart because of the breadth of features and ability to customize.
For additional information about these and other training solutions, check out our Training Software directory or connect with one of our expert advisors.

Ryan Yeoman currently resides in the always sunny Cabo San Marketing neighborhood at Capterra working with a great team to help software buyers find the right software. Join our software expert blogging community, learn more about our editorial guidelines, and propose a topic you'd like to write about. 4  Do you need to invoice your customer,  or do you buy from a supplier, in foreign currences? MYOB is now owned by US Private Equity, Xero is a New Zealand public company, Freshbooks is US based and Kashoo is a Canadian company. We try to make it easier by providing LIFETIME student access and all five MYOB Training Courses for one low price! However, the table for each product just highlights the features that are essential for effectively branding and selling your courses to external clients; it does not represent all the functionality included in each solution.
Though it can handle internal training, it’s primarily for companies that sell courses online, especially those that provide continuing education, such as in the real estate and insurance industries. LearnUpon is ideal for companies that have experience with an LMS and are focused on compliance, workplace training, mandated training, and soft skills training. As with any software you consider, the most important factor in deciding if it’s the right fit for you is to try the system first.

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online training software comparison australia

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