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If you are currently looking for your next coaching job, be sure to check out our Resources page. The training videos in this section will be very helpful for new gaming commissions and surveillance staffs. Keep in mind, there may be differences in rules from one casino to the next and even in the same casino between high and low limit pitsa€¦But these videos are a great start. Probably you’re already familiar with some of the PowerPoint-based e-Learning authoring tools available on the market, like iSpring Pro.
In this series, we are going to take a look at another type of e-Learning content, known as video lectures or training videos. Sales: If you’re selling something online, video lectures will allow you to demonstrate the advantages and features of your product or service in the most effective way. Business: Start-up businesses can take advantage of online lectures to represent their business plan and attract investment.
Hobby: If you want to tell the world about your hobby, video lectures are just the solution.
The key is to invest in these relationships and make sure your colleagues understand your commitment to maintaining a relationship.  In this way, you are simply building upon your current relationship, not severing your ties.

The videos afford a quick and concise explanation of various casino table games and wagers. Carla€™s company, Play It Well Productions has created exceptional training videos logoed for casinos throughout the gaming industry.
Lectures are quite easy to create, and uploading such course material online is an innovative teaching method that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your e-Learning.
Upload the created video lectures online to share the results of your work with your friends and family or even teach them something. Sometimes used in kiosks on the casino floor or in hotel guest rooms, these videos are always popular with guests. Or maybe you want to enable students to get back to your e-Learning materials whenever it’s best for them – say, in the evening or on the weekend?
We were having problems producing statements with QuickBooks Statement Writer on our secure network. She diagnosed the problem quickly and our IT Manager implemented the changes she suggested.
She recently conducted a two hour long Excel training class that covered material for beginners through advanced users.

Thanks for your immediate help." Susan"I hired Alicia for a one-on-one session at my office. Her method of having the client develop the spreadsheet themselves, so that you learn by doing is awesome.
I can't recommend her highly enough!" Dick L.“Alicia was very knowledgeable about any computer problems and applications we discussed. I had accumulated a lot of 'can I and if not, why not questions,' which she fielded very well.
She also helped me design a template for my book inventory. She reviewed my equipment and made recommendations to improve it. Unfortunately, she had to point out that I am living in the stone age with some of my stuff and explained what new replacements would do to help.

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online training videos microsoft

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