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On some level, you're aware that not every conversation can be a witty, perfectly-crafted arrangement of words. You can overlook a difference in taste, but until they've gotten to know your favorite characters, can they really understand you? Dinner and a movie is nice and all, but curling up on the couch together with your books is usually ideal.
Unless you're into reading out loud, which can be romantic in its own right, reading time isn't quite the same bonding experience as, say, watching "House of Cards" together. All of these things with the exception of that horribly let down feeling you get at the end of a series.
An Accident Science Experiment-The Saga Of Boring McWindbagThe stupid Waif and Arya's stupid storyline for the last million years. Jim Jarmusch's smacked-out vampire movie 'Only Lovers Left Alive' starts with a close-up of a seven-inch single spinning on a turntable. Jarmusch's film looks beautiful and has a groovy nighttime air to it, especially when Adam and Eve drive about the ruins of Detroit at night in Adam's white Jaguar XJS. But there's still something magical and magnetic about this world of mature, know-it-all, ultra-cool vampires that Jarmusch creates and somehow it never seems at all silly. You're never, ever bored, you've got the whole proper grammar thing down, and you actually have better social skills than non-readers (yay, empathy!).

When someone does finally engage in conversation with you, it rarely meets your expectations.
The same applies to texts and e-mails; one-line responses to your wordy proclamations just don't cut it.
You overanalyze every word your significant other says, looking for meaning where there is none.
Sometimes you get so caught up in what you're reading that you project your character analysis onto other people. Break-ups can feel like postwar negotiations, and divvying up your bookshelf can be complete hell.
How, exactly, are you supposed to balance dating with the precious time you need to spend with all of the wonderful authors on your to-read list?
I read A Fault in the Stars on the plane to NYC, and I was bawling so hard, I had to ask the flight attendant for napkins twice. Which is apt, as this slim, dreamy film demands that you kick back and slip into its slow, deadpan groove if it's not going to drive you completely mad. On the contrary, we come to see them as something like cultured heroin addicts – extremely well-read and fine company, but always looking over your shoulder for the next fix. Still, loving books can present a few unique conundrums for your love life: What do you do when your significant other loathes your favorite genre, or is uninterested in reading altogether?

But I couldn't put it down, and I knew from the beginning that it was going to be so very sad.
Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are Adam and Eve, a married vampire couple of many centuries standing.
Brief appearances from Mia Wasikowska as Eve's less mature sister Ava (she still drinks blood at the source), Anton Yelchin as Adam's rocker pal Ian and John Hurt as Christopher Marlowe lift the film out of its stylish torpor, and maybe one or two more appearances like this would have given it a boost.
Even worse: What if he or she is also a bibliophile, but borrows your books, bends your spines and dog-ears your pages? He's depressed and surrounded by records and guitars in a Gothic house in Detroit; she's living in a flat in Tangier. Really, though, Jarmusch doesn't seem too concerned with story at all, and he rarely has been, with some of his films like 'Coffee and Cigarettes', 'Mystery Train' and 'Night on Earth' dispensing altogether with the pretence that the feature-length work is his strength. They procure their blood on the black market (Adam is in cahoots with a hospital doctor, played by Jeffrey Wright), they recall their friendships with Byron and Shelley, they muse over colourful wild mushrooms ('Just goes to show: we don't know shit about fungi,' says Adam deadly seriously) and they discuss science and planets. If this is partly a compendium of Jarmusch's arcane knowledge, then Hiddleston and Swinton, dressed to impress and both totally suited to the other-wordly but tender nature of their characters, are surely the guys to share it with us.

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