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The old thinking is that if a company had control within its “four walls,” operations were smooth, costs were controlled, and customers were happy. Companies who focus all of their attention only within their now imaginary walls are wondering why they are having capacity issues, inventory surplus, transportation problems, difficulty with aftermarket sales and more. Customer value is the product of the cumulative effort of the multitude of players within the supply chain. CGN Global has 20+ years of experience managing end-to-end supply chains for Fortune 500 companies. With 2015 right around the corner, it is important to remember that the field of operations management is becoming more popular than ever before – and thus the job market is going to be more competitive.

Brick by brick these walls came down - due to numerous external factors that extended the impact on the business and the impact of internal decisions.
The reason is that value chains are now made up of large networks, and the focus has to extend to all contributors in that value chain regarding not only the physical flow of materials, but the virtual flow of information. We transform the way organizations produce, move and monitor parts and products through their supply chains, providing them with an advantage that are extremely difficult for competitors to emulate. If you want to be able to prepare yourself for a job interview in operations management, you need to be aware of the questions that you are going to get. Now, increased competition, global markets, rapidly changing customer demands and world economical factors have activated a wrecking ball of external business forces.

The most successful global companies today construct business strategies that include all members of the supply chain throughout the entire product lifecycle – from choosing suppliers to aftermarket services as well as optimizing their suppliers' performance for increased quality and efficiency. CGN partners with organizations of all types in complete Supply Chain Management to maximize efficiency and effectiveness using Lean practices and architect an agile value chain to continually bring world-class value to their customers. Keep in mind that these are not guaranteed to be the questions that you get during a job interview, nor are they the only questions that you are likely to get, but they should give you a decent idea of what to expect.

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operations and supply chain management courses in india

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