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This course offers a variety of different communication-oriented speaking opportunities such as discussions, individual and group presentations and other interactive tasks providing opportunity for students to improve their oral competence by developing effective language use both in formal and informal contexts. The first is a 15-minute conference presentation by John Creemers on "PREPL, a putative oligopeptidase deleted in patients with hypotonia-cystinuria syndrome." It is clearly meant for a specialized audience, yet scientists from other fields should be able to understand the overall story presented. The second is a 10-minute presentation by Marie Verbist on her "Automated alignment procedure for stitching with a focused ion beam" to an audience of fellow PhD students.
The third is a six-minute presentation by Jean-luc Doumont on "What you should know about TeX" to an audience of scientists.
It offers extended communicative tasks such as debates, role-plays, individual and group presentations, impromptu speeches and other interactive tasks providing opportunity for students to improve their oral competence by developing effective language use both in formal and informal contexts.
They allow you to establish stronger contact with the audience and better convince them of your viewpoint through verbal and nonverbal delivery, as well as the ensuing interaction. It will help you select and organize a presentation's content, create slides (if appropriate), deliver the presentation, and answer audience questions.
Because the attendees can come from all fields of science and engineering, Marie's presentation is less specialized than John's: it is meant to spark interest for her work in everyone present.

As in-class activities, for the promotion of interest and motivation in communication, the course also includes discussion topics, interesting facts, stimulating quotes as well as literary texts which are structurally and intellectually complex and thought-provoking. With typically three to four talks an hour, eight hours a day over several days, such conferences can expose you to dozens of presentations.
It illustrates each of these tasks using three example presentations, which exemplify different levels of specialization. Integrating different reading and listening texts into communication-oriented tasks, this course aims to develop students productive skills beyond their receptive skills.
If you give a poor 15-minute presentation to an audience of 200 people, you have wasted the equivalent of 50 hours of work — more than a week of someone's work time. What fraction of these delivered a message that was useful to you (that is, how many of them did more than simply provide a great deal of complicated information)? By exploring components of communicative competence, this course aims to equip students with the necessary skills to become successful communicators as well as language teachers. Preparing effective oral presentations, like writing effective scientific papers, takes time, but it is time well invested.

What fraction of the presentations did you find fascinating (that is, how many got your undivided attention from the speaker's first word to his or her last)? Students will develop a good command in supra-segmental features (pitch, stress and intonation) as well as strategic competence in repairing communication breakdowns in communication on the basis of continuous feedback received throughout the course. An effective oral presentation gets you to pay attention, to understand, and to think or do things differently as a result of it. Common pronunciation mistakes are listed by the instructor and discussed regularly so as to raise the awareness of students as future language teachers.

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