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From the very start of the school year, the way a classroom is managed will impact the instruction that takes place.
Creating a positive classroom community includes effective management techniques, effective organization and ways to promote student accountability.
Students are motivated to learn in an environment that fosters cooperation, responsibility and respect for one another. An effective classroom management strategy supports students in their learning at all grade levels. During the hustle and bustle of our hectic life few of us have the time to enjoy our interests or make plans for ourselves. In order to get organized you must first allow yourself some time to sit down and organize your thoughts. After you have established what you are doing during the course of a week, begin organizing it. We do not want to become so organized that we have no spontaneity or freedom to make last minute plans, keeping track and staying "in-tune" with priorities will definitely allow for a more stress-free life. Making a prioritized list of items and accomplishing them before the end of the day allows us to purge our sub conscience and thus drift into a restful and healthy sleep pattern. Tackling large tasks can become a headache so remember to approach large tasks one step at a time. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Time Management and Organizational Skills Marcus Simmons Coordinator – OSDS ICC – Tupelo Campus 2176 South Eason Bvd. Managing Assignments Types of Assignments It is important to know what kind of assignments are Required before starting. Juggling several different schedules makes it challenging for me to fit everything on one printed calendar. This goal is accomplished by setting limits, giving students responsibility, helping them develop confidence, and teaching them how to solve problems. Along with classroom preparation, it is essential to establish routines and create an engaging learning environment. The classroom structure, materials and planning are all linked to the success of each student. Many of us run around desperately trying to get our errands complete hoping we do not forget anything important.Yes it is true, many of us do not seem to have the time for ourselves after we work, take care of the kids, and pay the bills.

By devoting a bit of time to get organized and stop running around you will be able to come up with a diverse plan of action.
During this hour you will want to make a plan from Monday to Sunday that will allow a little flexibility. Remember that you already have an outline that will allow for flexibility - do not get discouraged. We will find things will run smoother and our worries will subside after we know exactly what we have to do and how we are going to go about it. After organizing an area of your home, or office you have to be aware that there is going to be instances when your organization gets thrown for a loop because of uncontrollable factors. I have a full year written in on my printable calendar to help me keep track of all my appointments, conference calls, events, and other responsibilities with a time associated. I use three different calendars held in my blog organization binder to help me stay organized.
These aspects of classroom management all contribute to success in student learning and are best initiated early in the school year. Students at all grade levels benefit from co-creating, understanding and practicing classroom routines and expectations.
Choose a strategy that fosters student responsibility, goal setting to improve student learning and an inclusive classroom community.
For the first week, write down what you would like to do and then keep track of what you are actually doing.
If you find yourself getting out of bed in a rush and skipping breakfast before work then try getting up a little earlier. When we look for something we want to be able to find it without running around aimlessly for an hour, becoming stressed.
This blog has afforded me great opportunities to work from home but multi-tasking and time management is critical for success.
Finding a quiet time in my day with out distractions is challenging so I try to get all of my writing done when everyone in my home is sleeping. My calendars include a family schedule, my campaign leader schedule, and my husband’s schedule so I can avoid scheduling conflicts.
By taking the time to establish an agenda and organize our errands for the week, we may actually be able to free up some alone time for ourselves.
This way even if you do not accomplish the entire task you still feel a sense of achievement.

With out my blog organization binder I wouldn’t have a clue as to where I should be spending my time while working from home.
Those appointments are six months apart and being able to pencil the appointment time in my printed calendar guarantees it won’t be overlooked. Do you just plunk yourself in front of the TV instead of possibly organizing a plan of action for the next day or doing some laundry?
I get sidetracked my pretty fonts and images so I made the calendar very simple with nothing special to look at except my own handwritten notes.
I use a short time in the afternoon when my daughter is napping and the sun is out for good photography lighting to take photos in my yard. If you tend to sleep in on the weekend maybe you could start getting up and completing a few errands around the house.
Now I’m sharing how I manage to stay on top of several different calendars combined and hope to avoid schedule conflicts with a printable calendar. The calendar print can be used all year long with out having to change the months or days electronically; simply write in the month you are working on.
Sometimes it’s not possible to get it all done and I end up using a light box inside.
There is nothing wrong with watching TV if you have the following day organized and your errands for the current day complete. Classroom prep, blogging campaign work, and all other tasks manage to get done after my daughter is in bed each night.
Every few months, as my daughter’s activities change and she grows, my time priorities change too. For now I’ll keep moving along knowing this blog has created great work opportunities and professional development while finding a balance for my personal life.
In the meantime, I’ll keep writing down every commitment on my printable calendar hoping nothing in my schedule is overlooked.

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organization and time management xls

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