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Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - a€?Life is here & now, anytime you say the word, anytime you let her rip.a€? No one is going to hand you a permission slip to go out & live your life the way you really want. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears..
Your social media accounts will probably outlive you, so what happens to them after you die? If you donaa€?Life is here & now, anytime you say Profile Facebook Coversa€?Life Is Here & Now, Anytime You Say The Word, Anytime You Let Her Rip.a€? No One Is Going To Hand You A Permission Slip To Go Out & Live Your Life The Way You Really Want. If You Donaa€?life is here & now, Pictures, anytime you say the word, Pictures, anytime you let her rip.a€? no one is going to hand you a permission slip to go out & live your life the way you really want. The last thing he wants is for you to step into the middle of Goda€™s will for your life, because he knows the moment you do, mighty and powerful things will begin to happen that negatively affect his dark kingdom. However, it was also used to picture the breaking up of a road to make it impassable for travelers.
As a result, the travelera€™s trip wasA hindered, delayed, postponed,A or temporarily put off. He was going to get the job done, regardless of the inconvenience, money, time, or effort involved. When he left, he could have cried, a€?Oh, I dona€™t understand why the Lord let this happen!

He knows how much I love the leadership of Ephesus!a€? Paul could have bemoaned, a€?Now Ia€™ll never see the Ephesian believers again.
The devil has attacked me, and the door to Ephesus is permanently closed for me!a€?A But Paul understood that crying and lamenting dona€™t change a thing.
So instead, he went down the road to the seaside town of Miletus and secured a facility for a meeting.
Paul figured if he couldna€™t go to Ephesus, why not invite the leadership to come see him? So he put his brain to work and found a way to do what God wanted him to do.A Why should we stop just because the devil gets in the way? If that were the case, we might as well stop everything wea€™re doing for the Lord right now! We must be determined to keep doing what wea€™re called to do evenif the devil tries to slam the door shut in our faces.A So what if Satan shut the door to Ephesus? It didna€™t matter how much opposition was leveled against him, he had already decided he would outlive the opposition.
Determine in your heart that you will not allow Satan to do anything to stop you, thwart you, or dissuade you from staying on track with theassignment God has given you. Hea€™s afraid of what will happen if you actually do what God has put in your heart to do.A So dig in your heels, and determine that you are not giving in or giving up.

The devil may have put an impasse in the road before you, but that doesna€™t mean the show is over!
As you do, the Spirit of God will empower you to conquer every attack that comes against you.
Forgive me for the times Ia€™ve given in to weakness and allowed myself to complainA when I should have grabbed hold of Your strength and pressed full steam ahead. No impasse the devil puts before me is sufficientA to prevent me from achieving what Jesus has asked me to do and to be. Has there been a time in your life when it seemed like an impasse stood between you and what God wanted you to do? If you listened to the Holy Spirit and found another, better route to finish the task before you, did it thrill your heart to realize that He knows how to get around every attack of the enemy? What did you learn by following the Holy Spirit rather than allowing discouragement to hold you back from fulfilling your divine assignment?A 3.

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