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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Background Noise• A way to over come Background Noise would be to wear ear muffs or headphones, which are noise cancelling. Different opinions?A way to overcome this Barrier would be to include the opinions of every side of the presentation, so that the Audience could see the whole sides of the presentation.? Such as if it was something about the Government, the info should be about both sides, not just one. CULTURAL DIFFERENCESA way to overcome this Barrier would be to present the information about all sides of the Culture.An example of this would be that if you were presenting something about Religion, it would be a good idea to include information about more than one religion, to make it fair. Physical barriers? A way to over come Physical Barriers would be to have a certain amount of people in the room or place that the presentation is being held, so that the close proximity of other people, would be there so that the audience could concentrate fully on the presentation, not other people. Body Language• A way to over come this Barrier would be to use only positive body language and gestures, such as using your hand to show bits of information on the board or where it is being projected, whereas crossed arms would be negative body language, as it would show that you wouldn’t be comfortable, and would interrupt the concentration on the presentation. Barriers to communication will affect the flow of information to potential customers and businesses.
As a class, use Bubbl.us to brainstorm barriers to communication and consider ways to avoid them.
View the video 6 Communication Barriers and How You Can Avoid Them before you begin this task.

Present the PowerPoint to your class and have students assess how well you communicated your message. An example of these would be the Sony MDRNC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones.• This then helps you to concentrate on the subject, and not to be distracted by Background Noise.
Dont speak to fast over too many subjects, as the audience would get confused, and forget a lot of what you just said.
Overcoming Communication BarriersHow to avoid misunderstandingsCommunication is a lot like humor. A lot of that has to do with a€?frame of reference.a€?And that same a€?frame of referencea€? can lead to a distortion in communication. For example, we all have different ideas of the perfect holiday: some reminisce about their large-extended family gathered around the dinner table, others do not. The problem is that one person thinks skiing in Vermont is the a€?besta€? vacation, another person thinks going to Hawaii is the a€?besta€? vacation. In a business setting, when a supervisor says a€?give me frequent updatesa€? they may mean several times a week, however the person receiving the message may think that a€?frequenta€? means once a week. This can create problems.One of the ways to avoid misunderstandings is to make sure you clarify what you think the person means.

For example, I understand you want frequent updates a€“ how often does that mean once a week or every few days? About Annette Richmond, MA Annette Richmond, MA, CARW, CCELW, is a multi-certified Resume Writer and LinkedIn Profile Writer. Having changed careers several times, including working as a writer, recruiter and vocational counselor, she has a unique perspective on career management. Bureau Of Labor Statistics Updates Asking For Help Is A Sign Of Strength And Self-Awareness Should You Relocate For Your Next Job? Stay True To Yourself, One Technology Execa€™s Advice To Her Younger Self Work And Romance: Love Match?

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overcoming communication barriers in the workplace

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