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The Mega Millions jackpot soared to an estimated $636 million today, making it the second largest lottery jackpot in U.S. Mega Millions changed its rules in October to help increase the jackpots by lowering the odds of winning the top prize. Frank Stovall, 60, of Erie, Pennsylvania, shows off his Mega Millions lottery tickets at Dee's Cigar Shop in Erie, Pa. So what drives people to play Mega Millions, and what makes them think their $1 investmenta€” among the many, many millions a€” will bring staggering wealth?'It's the same question as to why do people gamble,' said Stephen Goldbart, author of 'Affluence Intelligence' and co-director of the Money, Meaning & Choices Institute in California.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. That means the chances of winning the jackpot are now about 1 in 259 million.But that hasn't stopped aspiring multimillionaires from playing the game. The desire to win does drive a certain kind of frenzied optimism.'That frenzy can grow during the holiday season, when financial hardships become more glaring and people feel pressure to spend money they don't have to demonstrate their love. But while she was in a grocery store Monday, buying scratch-off tickets as stocking stuffers, she decided on a whim to buy a single ticket because of the enormous jackpot.What would she do if she won?'I'd go into a nice retirement community myself, but I'd be generous,' she said softly.

She'd like to go to New York or Florida's Everglades as well.'Why not?' she said with a smile.

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pa lottery mega millions odds

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