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Avoiding parking tickets and towing should be the top priority for anyone driving in New York City. When parking in NYC, it’s helpful to remember the city’s legal name: the Corporation of the City of New York.
For a little extra incentive to park carefully and follow the rules, read What to do if you get towed in New York City.
If you are parked illegally and have an expired sticker you’ll get two parking tickets: one for parking illegally and one for the expired sticker. When using Muni-Meters, the city’s pre-paid parking meter system, time how long it takes to walk from your car to your destination and add five minutes. For some motivation to park carefully, check out current fines for New York City’s parking tickets. The garage is described to be 12 feet wide, 23 feet long and more than 15 feet high and even have the ability to be duplexed in order to accommodate an elevator. The space is expected to go to one of the residents of the building, an eight-story prewar loft that is currently being converted into six luxury condominiums. LUXUO list all kind of luxury items, from estates, boats and watches, to the most expensive gadgets. On Tuesday, members of the City Council hammered the de Blasio administration for not guaranteeing enough housing units for low-income New Yorkers in new construction.
Yesterday, Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Vicki Been and City Planning Commission Chair Carl Weisbrod answered questions from council members about ZQA.
Following the lead of community boards, most council members who spoke yesterday seemed convinced that reducing parking requirements would be a burden on their constituents.
Been and Weisbrod repeatedly emphasized that the overwhelming majority of parking spots in subsidized housing developments are unused.
A major question going forward is whether City Hall and the council will water down the parking reforms before a vote on ZQA. The notion that New York City housing construction shouldn’t be weighed down by mandatory parking minimums got a combative response from some City Council members at a hearing today. At issue is the redevelopment of a 36,000-square-foot Key Food and adjacent parking lot by Fifth Avenue in north Park Slope. In addition to about 400 locals, Council Member Brad Lander, Borough President Eric Adams, and Public Advocate Tish James were on hand for the meeting last night where developer Avery Hall Investments presented its plan, DNAinfo reports. The aspect that has people most up in arms is the smaller size of the replacement grocery store. Here’s a sneak peek courtesy of Streetfilms correspondent Joe Baur, who grabbed this interview about the costs of car ownership in Japan with Byron Kidd from Tokyo By Bike. The parking requirement is one of several policies that helps keep cars from overrunning Japanese cities. Mandatory parking minimums add construction costs, restrict the supply of housing, and help put rents out of reach. Jimmy McMillan may have retired from politics, but the rent is still too damn high and New York City’s mandatory parking minimums are a major reason why. The de Blasio administration has proposed doing away with parking minimums for subsidized housing near transit. Members of the City Council, which will negotiate the final rezoning plan with City Hall, are by and large on the fence about the proposed parking reforms. Navy Green is an affordable housing project in Fort Greene that consists of 458 homes, 75 percent of which will be affordable to households earning between 30 and 130 percent of the area median income. PARK Smart is a program that increases parking rates on certain blocks at times when demand is highest.
DOT launched PARK Smart in Greenwich Village and Park Slope in 2008 and 2009, respectively. With Governor Cuomo showing no interest in bridge toll reform, innovative parking policy is probably the best means the city has to reduce traffic congestion along its busiest commercial corridors.
Fraudulent parking placards are rampant in NYC, but NYPD remains opposed to a bill that would require the city to include a barcode on placards to ensure proper enforcement.
Schroeder said the legislation doesn’t give NYPD enough time to build a secure database of placards issued to city agencies by DOT and NYPD.

There are approximately 104,000 valid NYC parking placards in circulation, with the largest chunk distributed to members of NYPD.
The placard system is problematic for several reasons, including the fact that it creates a huge incentive to drive for tens of thousands of public employees in some of the most transit-rich parts of the city. Cities like Hartford that added a lot of parking over the last few decades saw driving rates increase more than in cities where parking volumes stayed flatter. Using an epidemiological research method, McCahill’s team determined that the relationship was causal. The study brings home the point that by inflating the parking supply via minimum parking mandates and other policies, cities are leading more people to drive and making conditions worse for transit, biking, and walking. McCahill and his team found that for every 10 percentage point increase in parking spaces per capita, the share of workers commuting by car would be expected to increase by 7.7 percentage points.
Requiring the construction of parking spaces drives up the cost of housing in New York City, which is why parking policy reform figures prominently in the de Blasio administration’s rezoning plans.
City Hall’s plan calls for the elimination of mandatory parking requirements from some types of housing built within walking distance of the subway, including senior housing and mixed-income inclusionary housing.
Parking requirements are not helping the cause of affordable housing — in fact, evidence shows they work against it.
The $11 million project isn’t finished, but someone has already started using the new granite pavers for parking again. The granite may hold up better than the bluestone, but is Borough Hall Plaza a plaza, or a parking lot?
We have a request in with Adams’ office about whether he intends to allow the plaza to be used for parking after the city spent millions to repair it. In a city without enough housing to go around, where rising rents are squeezing people in more neighborhoods every year, the community board chairs have taken a bold stand: Parking must come first, before all of this affordable housing nonsense. City Hall’s big affordable housing plan, which broadly speaking lets developers build more housing while compelling them to set aside some units for people earning below a certain threshold, went up for a vote from the Queens Borough Board on Monday.
One piece of the plan is the reduction of mandatory parking minimums for subsidized housing near transit. Avoiding one of these parking ticket envelopes, or worse, getting towed, is easy when you follow these tips.
Even if you’re parked 100% legally, you will be ticketed for expired registration and insurance stickers. If you are parked illegally and both your stickers are expired you’ll hit the trifecta: three parking tickets.
If it takes you 10 minutes, for example, allow yourself 15 minutes to get back to add money to the meter. Whether in midtown Manhattan, an obscure industrial street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn or a quiet, residential street in Staten Island, parking enforcement agents are always watching.
11th Street in Manhattan, is the city’s first million dollar parking spot, according to the New York Post.
Parking in New York City can be expensive but there are parking garages throughout the city that offer discounts and parking garage coupons. You can use New York City parking coupons in a variety of  New York neighborhoods including the Upper West Side, Lincoln Square, East Harlem, Midtown East, Midtown West, Times Square, Gramercy, Chelsea, Murray Hill, the East Village, West Village, SOHO, Tribeca, Chinatown, Two Bridges, the Civic Center area, Battery Park City and more!
To get the deal register for Groupon. Like all Groupon offers, the NYC parking coupons have expiration dates and you have a limited amount of time to get the coupon. But yesterday, when the topic turned to building more affordable housing by reducing parking requirements, several Council members lost their zeal for housing and worried more about car storage.
One exciting aspect of ZQA is that it would reduce mandatory parking minimums for subsidized housing in a large swath of the city — freeing up space and resources to house people instead of cars.
The same chamber that the day before was so passionate about providing sufficient housing for less affluent New Yorkers suddenly seemed willing to compromise the construction of affordable residences in order to preserve the guaranteed construction of parking. If that happens, there will be no vote and no public record of council members’ positions on the proposal as it exists today. The store sells groceries at affordable prices and is an emblem of the organizing that helped turn around the neighborhood in the 1970s and 80s. Factor in yearly taxes, high parking fees, and tolled roads, and Japan does an excellent job of ensuring that car owners pay the full costs of their vehicles — while the first-rate transit system enables people to get around efficiently.

With city rules requiring parking in new construction, New York ends up with higher rents and less housing to go around than would otherwise be the case. Predictably, a lot of community boards still want to compel the construction of parking spaces, even if the city knows most of them will go unused. This is an issue Streetsblog has covered a lot over the past several years, so here are five reminders that a vote for parking minimums is a vote to make housing in New York City less affordable. That level of affordability was possible because the project includes zero parking spots, developer Martin Dunn told Streetsblog. It has proven successful in cutting congestion, but technological advancements such as pay-by-phone and a dynamic payment structure would make it even more effective.
Community board opposition prompted the agency to spike parking reforms on the Upper East Side.
He also noted that barcodes would not be able to completely prevent the fraudulent reproduction of placards, since they can be easily scanned and copied.
Legitimate placards are often abused as entitlements to park illegally in bus stops, crosswalks, or no-standing zones. New research presented this week at the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board finds a direct, causal relationship between the amount of parking in cities and car commuting rates. For example, data indicated that increases in parking tended to precede growth in car commuting. Now a coalition of advocates is highlighting how much those reforms matter to the campaign to make housing more affordable.
Doing away with these parking requirements has drawn opposition from several community boards, which cast advisory votes. The real political test will come in the City Council, which has veto power over the proposal. In New York City, parking in above-ground garages costs more than $21,000 per space to build. New York City tow pound workers will not care how much you kick, scream, whine, explain or plead. This page includes information on how to get current New York City parking coupons, printable parking coupons and other ways to save. For example, you’ll get an email alert (or mobile text) with a new deal for discount NYC parking. They often cited the inadequacy of transit in their districts as a reason to oppose the parking reforms, even though parking requirements make surface transit worse by pumping more traffic onto the streets. So here’s a record of what City Council members said about parking minimums at the hearing.
The most recent PARK Smart expansions came in 2013, with pilot programs in Jackson Heights and on Atlantic Avenue. He said NYPD was open to other strategies to improve enforcement, and expressed hope that DOT’s adoption of pay-by-phone parking technology could help mitigate the problem.
Save your time and dignity by fixing all issues related to registration, insurance, license and unpaid parking judgments before going to the tow pound. Their popular NYC Parking areas service the 911 Memorial area, Broadway, Central Park, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, The Javits Center, Times Square and the Upper West Side.
The mere sight of something vaguely official-looking on a dashboard is enough to intimidate enforcement agents.
Requiring off-street parking in new developments thus pushes up the cost of creating housing, which makes affordable housing a less appealing prospect for builders and stands in the way of actually constructing it.
If any part of your car in the crosswalk and you think, “Who’s going to notice that?” you’re on the fast track to a parking ticket. They also offer a service where you can sign up to receive future coupon offers through email.

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