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We provide seminars, webinars, and online Training & Certification Programs for FMLA, ADA, COBRA, Payroll, Cafeteria Plans, Retirement Plans, and other regulatory areas with federally-mandated compliance requirements.
Searchable manuals and FREE updates whenever the laws change are also available to help keep you current. Discover vital employment law knowledge, critical strategies to perfect your HR skills, and earn your HR Generalist Certificate! This option is great for TPAs or organizations with multiple administrators seeking online training delivered and tracked for their employees. Compliance requirements for FMLA, ADA, COBRA, Cafeteria Plans, Retirement Plans, Payroll, and the like are very complex and subject your organization to severe fines and penalties for non-compliance - no matter how simple or inadvertent the error may be.
Whether you are new to HR, being cross-trained, or coming from another discipline to take over the compliance requirements for your organization, you want to be certain that you do things correctly. Managers have a quick, easy, and trusted way to train personnel in compliance-required areas. Management receives quantitative knowledge that the individuals assigned to perform administration are properly trained via course completion and Certification testing.
Important Message: Please note that you need to upgrade your web browser to log into the the CPA website.
Certified payroll practitioners are leaders of their profession, personifying community, professionalism and authoritative payroll compliance knowledge.
The Canadian Payroll Association welcomed 212 newly certified Payroll Compliance Practitioners and 11 Certified Payroll Managers at Quebec Region Certification Recognition Events in April.
MONTREAL (April 28, 2015) – This April, the Canadian Payroll Association proudly hosts its 10th annual PCP and CPM Certification Recognition Events across Canada, celebrating the success of newly certified Payroll Compliance Practitioners (PCP) and Certified Payroll Managers (CPM). Each year the Canadian Payroll Association welcomes a growing number of newly certified PCP and CPM payroll professionals – the only recognized payroll certifications in Canada. Graduates in Quebec are among 3,000 new payroll professionals recognized at 17 events across the country.

Newly certified PCPs and CPMs join a community of over 14,000 certified payroll professionals, including 10,900 Payroll Compliance Practitioners and 3,100 Certified Payroll Managers.
Call Now and Talk to us today at 403-719-4300 or download the course info kit using the form on this page. The Accounting and Payroll Administrator program offers students comprehensive insight into the accounting cycle.
In addition to the fundamentals of accounting and payroll practices, students also focus on business writing skills, student success strategies, and career and employment strategies within the financial industry.
The objective of the Accounting and Payroll Administrator program is to train students in the areas of financial accounting and payroll, bookkeeping services, and financial transactions.
To provide students with the right skill set necessary to keep records of account, maintain a complete set of books, and to verify financial transactions.
To produce graduates who are ready and able to meet the demands and expectations of industry employers.
This is a diploma program which consists of a total of 1270 hours of class room instructions. For further information about our Accounting and Payroll program please contact an ABM College admissions counsellor. Instructor-led, continuing education courses offered in partnership with more than 60 colleges and universities across the U.S. Take advantage of significant volume discounts to maximize your training budget when purchasing PayTrain or Fundamentals of Payroll materials for your group. Provide your organization with the most up-to-date payroll knowledge and certification preparation available. Develop a common payroll language that will optimize efficiencies, avoid costly mistakes, and save money. For these graduates, certification represents the culmination of hard work and dedicated study in the Association’s PCP and CPM programs.

In addition to recognizing award winners by region, the Association awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze honours to the top three academic performers nationwide. Be it a public organization or a private one, the vast majority of Canadian companies require accounting and payroll personnel for day-to-day financial practices.
Our Accounting and Payroll Administrator program is a thorough 51-week immersion course in accounting and payroll basics.
From payroll fundamentals and compliance legislation to financial accounting, this program provides students with the necessary skill set to keep records of accounts, maintain a complete set of books, and verify financial transactions. At ABM College we ensure that our program learning outcomes reflect current industry trends, and that our graduates enter the workforce ready to excel in their new career.
In addition to theoretical knowledge, this program strongly emphasizes the importance of practical experience. The Payroll Compliance Practitioner program creates the foundation for a successful career in payroll, providing students with the authoritative compliance knowledge required to process an organization’s annual payroll cycle, effectively communicate payroll information to all stakeholders, and understand the accounting function as it relates to payroll. National Award Winners will be recognized on Awards Night during the Canadian Payroll Association’s Annual Conference, taking place from June 2nd to June 5th, 2015 in Quebec City.
To ensure that our students have practical experience within the industry prior to graduation, this program also includes a mandatory 240 hour practicum. The Association congratulates these Regional Award Winners and all new PCP and CPM graduates.
The Certified Payroll Manager program builds upon this compliance knowledge and develops additional management skills and competencies, for experienced payroll practitioners whose career goals include managing a payroll department.

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payroll certification courses online uk

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