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Better Choices, Better Health® is a free six-week series of workshops for adults with chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. This program is evidence based, which means that scientific studies have demonstrated that the program has resulted in positive outcomes. The workshops are taught not by medical professionals, but by Peer Leaders who are similar to the workshop participants.
As a Peer Leader, you would not be alone in teaching the class; all workshops are facilitated by two trained Leaders. They become the leaders in the community and take on new responsibilities such as helping to train adult mentors, helping the prophets get acclimated to the program, facilitating small group discussions, giving feedback on how the program is doing and helping with fundraising and administrative duties.

Mission statementthe Service Board mentors teen to conquer personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure.
The workshops, which last for 2 A? hours and are held at the same time and location each week, focus on helping participants to develop skills and strategies for more effectively managing their chronic conditions. These outcomes include increased exercise, better coping strategies and symptom management, better communication with doctors, more energy and less fatigue, decreased disability, and fewer physician visits and hospitalizations.
In addition, you will have the support of a Master Trainer, who will attend the first class and be available to you throughout the six weeks for questions. These youth receive leadership development and facilitation training to provide guidance and direction during our core winter program.

After our Peer Leader program, the students are equipped with enough tools in their belts to pursue more ambitious leadership positions in their communities. If you have graduated as a prophet, please consider applying this summer to continue your wonderful leadership in the tSB community. The workshops are interactive and participatory in nature and cover topics including exercise, nutrition, relaxation techniques, and effective communication with medical providers.

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peer leader training program

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