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Rock & Sun is UK's leading provider of rock climbing holidays, rock climbing courses and private guiding for everyone - from individuals to groups! The Rock & Sun Performance Coaching courses are here to maximise and develop your rock climbing ability and enjoyment, whatever your previous climbing experience. Whatever your present rock climbing grade, each new course level will enable you to observe, practice and acquire a wide range of effective techniques and skills for increased confidence and performance. Consolidation of learnt skills is deliberately thorough at each level to enable best understanding of how to progress your climbing skills independently. Each level has been carefully constructed according to research into climbers' existing abilities. These courses are for everyone whatever grade you climbDifferent level courses to suit you.You can enter in at the level you're climbingProgress quickly! Tim Gallwey who wrote The Inner Game probably captured the essence of coaching when he said "Coaching is unblocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance.

Coaching encourages employees to think and act at higher levels, with beneficial results for the organisation. We have developed a three day programme that will give the essential skills, tools and behaviours to be confident to have meaningful and sometimes challenging conversations to unlock their full potential.
Not everyone comes along on our holidays with a friend, their partner or in groups.  In fact at least 60% of our clients travel alone! As you complete each level, you can expect to see your grade, confidence and performance soar. We acknowledge your individual rock climbing aspirations, and anticipate much fun along the learning road. This change takes place through focused discussion, effective questioning and a variety of coaching tools. The effects of good coaching are two way; effective coaching helps managers and leaders to experience the satisfaction of seeing others grow and develop and perform at their best.

The power of active listening and good rapport is simply amazing and something that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. The aim of these conversations is to stimulate self assessment, self learning and personal awareness in formulating solutions to problems. With the aid of coaching my colleagues and I can continue to develop a positive health and safety culture on our individual assets and within the organisation as a whole.

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performance coaching powerpoint

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