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Advantage is the first place to call when you need leaders to lead, sellers to sell, and your business to flourish.Our top clients say we're imaginative, collaborative, and insightful.What will you say?
How GrafTech built alignment with a transformational strategic directionAdvantage took the time to understand our business and integrate key issues into the simulation.
A beautiful blue sky in Chicago provided attendees of our second Multipliers launch party with spectacular views as they gathered to learn techniques to help their teams do the best work of their careers. Performance management systems in Australian organisations are undergoing a series of quiet yet revolutionary change. It seems a small number of organisations have moved along a continuum of development, from 'Performance Appraisal' to Performance Management' and now appear to be taking a 'Leadership' approach.
Performance appraisal has typically been the starting point for most organisations in working with individual performance. Performance appraisal in isolation, becomes a drain on any organisation and perhaps is best done away with.
Indications are that such an approach is likely to significantly increase return on human resource investment for little actual cost. A practical starting point is to establish what a performance management system is to achieve. Certainly this is a deal more complex than a mere 'flick and tick' appraisal once a year - it will produce results however. Individual HPM Memberships are available to guarantee you are provided with the best resources available to ensure you achieve your fitness and sporting goals.
If you just ‘manage’ your employees, it’s almost a guarantee that you are not achieving all of your goals.

In 2003, the Columbia Housing Authority in Columbia, TN was a failing Public Housing agency. Knoxville Community Development Corporation (KCDC) was another housing agency struggling to meet their community needs for quality affordable housing.
Performance leadership will turn you and your executive team into performance leaders and bring out the best performance in your organization! A performance leadership program brings all employees on board and makes them feel that they are part of something important.
Tenmast Software, a leading provider of Public Housing software services since 1984 and a performance leadership company itself, has created a Performance Leadership training designed specifically for Public Housing Agencies. Performance-based leadership is a time tested management system that is designed to achieve high levels of performance without investments of additional resources. This training is also a great team-building opportunity and a chance to learn how other successful agencies achieve their goals consistently. Much of what has been described above is within control of leaders and managers and does not involve any significant infrastructure or resource investment.
Simply ask the question - how much is your human resource base worth and what return does it currently deliver? They introduced performance leadership in 2000 to bring their community together, including all employees and their board, and started working toward common goals. It gives them a common purpose, so they are working in concert toward your agency’s purpose and goals at all times. It doesn’t matter what resources you currently have – just by implementing the performance leadership techniques you learn in this training, you can turn your agency into a high performing organization.

It often becomes something to be endured once a year and has little to do with business or individual productivity.
The only time appraisal seems to work is when it is so embedded in the organisation that individual performance becomes immersed in organisational practice. If addressed proactively a focus on organisational values builds and supports a performance culture. If the response is that the return is greater than the investment you are fortunate and unusual as an organisation.
Because performance leadership inspires high levels of commitment from your most important resource, your employees.
In fact, using performance leadership will ensure that your employees are constantly finding ways to improve the performance of your agency, so you are always achieving your critical goals. On the right hand side of the sheet list your organisational values and under each one briefly describe the behaviours you will engage in to support the value concerned. HR can take a leadership role in these areas, but in the end managers are accountable for whether or not their team’s goals are SMART, or their employees are receiving ongoing feedback and coaching. HR in this situation has the opportunity to set a leadership example with a well supported process that guides managers on how to be great coaches – and ultimately positively influence those key engagement drivers.

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performance management training hong kong

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