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Probably one of the most useful aspects to our sessions was giving me a pause in the week to reflect upon what I do. Having worked with executive coaches before, both for myself and employees of mine, I have what I feel is an appropriate perspective on strengths and weaknesses for coaching.
All website content is copyright 2015 by Katrina Greene and may not be used without permission. A More specifically, as someone who tends easily toward self-criticism, your non-judgmental style was most liberating.

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It gave me room to open up and share, to look within, and to admit weaknesses without a fear of being criticized. A Stopping and giving voice to what's working and what's not, what I want to do and what's not getting done was very constructive. A In terms of your approach, I often found it helpful to hear what I had said reiterated and understood though your lens and understanding of the situation.

A While you didn't have specific answers to solutions, you talked about the issues in ways that helped me to have a different vantage point.

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personal coach long island

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