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Personal Coaching is a method for helping individuals to improve, develop, achieve aims and manage life change and personal challenges. Personal coaching is effective in personal life, career, sales or corporate and business life. Personal and emotional coaching is a powerful and unique form of human interaction where the mutual purpose of the said interaction is self-discovery and personal development. But before I successfully established a credible reputation and solid foundation in the field of personal coaching, I first started as a typical human being with my own struggles and story to tell. In times that I see my clients suffering from self-destructive and strong core beliefs and realized that my tools are not enough to help and assist them, I take the effort and dedication to search for other methods to deal with their needs and core beliefs and be able to change the destructive ones. I am fortunate enough to speak three languages and it is a great advantage since I am dealing with clients from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, culture and religions.
I do not know how long my coaching will take so it is good to say that we will proceed as long as we feel that it is necessary.
It feels great to live with positive and wonderful emotions and these are considered very good reasons to celebrate life.
Our coaching is flexible and challenging, allowing for effective transition on an individual basis.
A personal coach is focused on developing and relating with individuals while they are taking positive steps towards realization of visions.
Helping and discovering myself happened first before I finally realized that I am capable of helping others.

We also work on emotional healing wherein I help them get back what they feel they have lost to be able to breathe and live again.
You need to stop punishing yourself and take responsibility with all your emotional decisions. Loving oneself is also included in my top priorities and I certainly believed that this is one ultimate key to personal development. I also feel that every time I talk and reach out to my clients, read books and take courses, I learn more things.
Sometimes I coach weekly and then move to twice or once a month depending on the needs of my clients. It is also highly essential to love oneself and feel the amazing power that love has to give, help and heal.
I am proud and fulfilled to have spent long years of life touching lives and inspiring others through personal and emotional coaching.
I allow them to be angry, to cry, to be sad, to laugh and be happy to wake up each morning.
If you wanted to embrace a new life which is completely different from your life before, I can teach you various exercises and techniques to make it happen.
As I mentioned, I had the first hand experience and my life began to change when I started to open doors to looking at myself differently with love and kindness. At present, I teach and help individuals learn about this practice and let them discover the reasons why I love this connection to our energy and the energy of the world.

This made me personally think that a coach never stops from learning and studying techniques to help others. My goal is to teach all my clients the techniques and be able to figure out the best things to do during difficult times. I worked hard and I certainly believed that my struggles will result to something worthy and beautiful and that is to help others. I have undergone training for long years and I have worked with a medical doctor whose major teachings were emotions and how not lived and blocked emotions can create tensions and negative effects to the body paving way for illnesses.
I completely understand that there is no quick fix or magic to heal emotions at once so I work really hard to let my clients realize that the power to be happy lies in their hands. Despite emotional problems, painful circumstances and adversity, I work hard to help my clients have a smooth emotional and personal transition.
In my opinion, I teach them to ride the waves of life with as much balance and harmony as possible. How to love ourselves and feel the wonderful power that love has to heal, to help, to give. I also realized that I can help individuals even more by means of connecting to the source that would help me whenever me and my clients would be feeling low or down.

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personal coaching jobs kent

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