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Personal CoachingWe believe in strong individual coaching and training approaches for you and your staff members to maximise both the efficiency and effectiveness of the development process in itself as well as of the aspired results. We work with an emerging toolset for designing personalized learner-centered experiences and environments that reflect the differentiation among learners instead of forcing compliance to an average learning style and level of performance. QIPP is about providing the best care possible for all our patients using innovation to drive up both the quality of patient care and the productivity of healthcare services.
We need to ensure we are getting it right first time, which means better care and better value through the reduction of waste and errors and the prioritisation of effective treatments.
This focus on innovation as the key driver for sustained quality improvements and unlocking productivity gains calls for a system-wide focus on designing and implementing more efficient and productive services that do not compromise on the quality and safety of patient care but rather enhance the patient experience. QIPP provides a great opportunity to engage and involve both clinical and managerial staff at all levels of the NHS in the quality agenda.
Evidence shows that improvements in quality are led and delivered by teams that work together as part of a system.  This places a responsibility to influence and secure commitment for innovative service design and improvement projects at all levels of the organisation. Improvement doesn’t ‘just happen’, but rather requires capacity and capability and recognition that it is an essential driver of better patient care. We can provide an overview of the range of improvement tools available to you, highlighting key sources of information that will enable you to understand when and where to use these tools to improve services in your organisation. Quality improvement is not a new concept but it is core to all of our work.  We realise that with NHS spending to be dramatically reduced and QIPP agenda to be here for the long term and embedded into NHS culture, now is the time to pass on skills needed for the future. The newly formed coalition government stated they are now going to listen to front line staff on how best to design services, offer value for money and increase patient satisfaction through clinical outcomes.

It is therefore a great advantage for any leader of change or any participant of a change initiative to understand different styles, to understand your own preferences, to recognize that others may see things differently and to understand how others might be more effectively engaged in changes that are improvements.
Support can be in a variety of formats and developed according to context, local issues and desired outcome. Our sessions are led by Professor Jean Penny who is a qualified MBTI trainer and facilitator.
Our personal development & coaching workshop challenges clients' beliefs and values, the effect is to build self-esteem, confidence resulting in empowerment to positive action in their life.
With my unique skill-set as a systemic consultant, coach and trainer, qualified in the Alexander Technique, I can help you develop your full potential, whether you are an expert or an executive. I can provide the necessary support when your professional circumstances are changing due to domestic or international relocation, or when you have a role related change. You can benefit from my experience, in both human resources and organisational development, gained over 25 years living and working in Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil and Australia, professionally engaged with various companies both as an employee and as an external consultant.
Let’s be honest: living in Germany can be disturbing and puzzling in many respects, especially for those who come from a Muslim background.
As a result, their professional performances as well as their family ties are often affected. It is important to know that Cross Cultural Coaching does not seek to bring their clients “on the right German track.” Counselling always obeys the rules of mutual respect, which includes openness and critical questions on both sides.

A major goal therefore is the improvement of self-confidence to help the newcomer find and express his own position within a German setting.
PARAKLESIS – the right contact for those in charge of international residents or employees.
Impuls der WocheDie Stimme des Gewissens ware ein besserer Berater, wenn wir ihr nicht immerzu soufflieren wurden, was sie sagen soll. Through our 'one-on-one mentoring' techniques, we are able to facilitate the individual learning processes. Allow me to use this experience to empower you, as an executive, to rapidly adjust and advance within new domains, embrace your role as a leader, and develop strategies for a well-adjusted and successful life-balance. Exposed to the plurality of life styles, opinions and permissiveness in this country, international employees or immigrants might face severe irritations with which they cannot cope.
On the basis of a solid knowledge of and appreciation for the various faith traditions, Paraklesis Cross Cultural Coaching offers sustainable help to adjust foreign fellow citizens to the challenges of European reality. Wouldn't alternative learning and training tools enable you to increase the efficiency factor whilst simultaneously guaranteeing cost efficiency?

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personal coaching styles inventory manual

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