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Your Holistic Personal Development Coaching session can be facilitated in-person at noula's studio, or online via Skype.
Personal development, growth and transformation (the journey of becoming), will happen throughout our entire life, if we let it. This is evident from a physical perspective; we exercise for health and wellbeing, we focus on developing our core strength and on nutrition too to be our best physically speaking. If you would like to know whether we could work together, then the best way is to call me on 02 9818-7471 (I do skype sessions too) and see how I sound to you. When we stay in a certain lifestyle or situation for a long time, we have a tendency to just continue on without thinking too much about it. We may not like everyone and everything that comes into our path, but sometimes the things we dislike are the things that will teach us the most about ourselves. Never stop learning, never stop discussing, never stop peacefully exchanging thoughts and words and opinions. Our heart loves and desires, our mind imagines and comes up with ideas and creative solutions and our soul calls us towards living a life of meaning. They may have been passed down to us from our parents or families, or they may be things that we have experienced and are true to us.
Your new self is constantly an amalgamation of all of your old selves combined with the greatness you continue to expose yourself to.
Whether it shows up as lower-back pain, insomnia, low-level anxiety, or just general malaise, tension can grip our lives and keep us from living up to our full potential.

I follow you – your thinking, your movements, your spoken and unspoken, looking for clues that your inner wisdom has, that you might have accidentally shut down. The approach is holistic and I integrate this with positive psychology, mindfulness, meditations and a connection to your spiritual self. Could things possibly be different somehow?” we open ourselves to the possibility of something new. But if we can approach life with the idea that our thoughts can change, we are then opening ourselves to newness.
We only have control over ourselves; where we are, how we react, and what we choose to learn from a situation. It means we are learning, it means we are looking up, at each other, and working with each other to understand each other’s lives better. Nick Matthews has organized his relaxation techniques into different categories to help you discover where your tension resides. Yet, as we grow into adulthood, our minds expand with knowledge. Everybody’s story is different and everybody’s experiences shape who they are. Using guided MP3 recordings you will learn the proven techniques that will guide you to a relaxed, tension-free state quickly and effectively. Creator of one of the fastest growing Personal Development Facebook Pages and author of Personality to Success and A Practical Guide to Change Your Destiny. Whether by outside or internal influence, we may have become a person we are not entirely satisfied with.

Some of these relaxation techniques have been practiced for centuries, some of them were developed by twentieth-century physicians who have researched the effects of prolonged stress on the human body. My clients range from corporate executives challenged with workplace matters (stress, work life balance, staff motivation) through to those who are searching for their purpose in life. I facilitate your ability to see yourself, your true good self, the one that came to this planet on purpose.
It is important, however, to stop and pause and ask yourself how your relationship is going.
By simply putting yourself into newness, however, you are at the very least exposing yourself to possibility and new ideas. I work closely with artists who are creatively blocked (writers, photographers, visual artists fro e.g) to others who are grieving or navigating difficult periods of change and transition. This program consists of 3 MP3 recordings recorded by Nick Matthews the founder of Change Your Destiny In 6 Days.
So, if we do find ourselves in a place where we want things to change, either slightly or a lot, we can take considerable measures to do so.

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personal development coaching courses yorkshire

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