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Following the program with Fadi was a great life changing experience for me, He gives the best support and motivation.
The knowledge, expertise, and commitment to my health from BBF has made me feel as if I am a professional athlete.
Fadi was able to help materialize my dream of being a winning competitive bodybuilder. I can remember being an out-of-shape, overweight (40 lbs) smoker and now at 42, I am in the best shape of my life; living my life transformed! Are you a busy executive owner of your own business, but have found that your travels and the daily grind of running your business have taken away your desire to work out, and more importantly your time?
I am a model with the Houghton Talent Agency in Atlanta and before Fadi, I didn’t work that much. She thought a few moments of silent reflection in front of the Christmas tree the family had decorated the night before would help, so she made her way downstairs. In the sliver of morning light coming through the curtains, Kevin could see Sherry’s face was drooping. Fear began to set in because she was unable to communicate her suspicions to her husband or to the emergency medical personnel, who arrived within minutes.
A moment of relief finally came, she says, in the ambulance as they transported her to Mayo Clinic’s Comprehensive Stroke Center in Jacksonville. Typically, doctors can use an intravenous clot-busting medication for patients who arrive to the hospital within four hours of symptom onset. Dogged determination – and a little help from a speech therapist – and today, Sherry is back to her old self – lecturing in class, running daily and reading to her children every night. Although doctors cannot be certain that it was the cause of Sherry's stroke, they discovered that she suffered from a patent foramen ovale, a hole in the heart, which can increase one’s risk for stroke.
Over the past six months, Sherry has become an advocate for stroke awareness and shared her story with media and as part of American Stroke Association outreach events.
In June 2014, Jim traveled to Mayo Clinic and underwent surgery to remove almost all of the right half of his pelvis and the head of hip femur. When Jim returned to his home in Annapolis, Maryland, in August 2014, he still had plenty of recuperating left to do. Jim hasn't required any treatment beyond his surgery, and there's been no sign of the cancer returning.
At the local hospital, doctors diagnosed Lucy with atrial fibrillation, a condition in which the upper heart chambers, the atria, beat irregularly. Lucy visited a local cardiologist, who prescribed several medications to regulate her rapid heartbeat and her thyroid levels. Patients with atrial fibrillation are at an increased risk for stroke in part because as the atria beat chaotically, blood clots can develop in the little pockets of the atria and travel up to the head. Becuase of her condition, Lucy’s ejection fraction, the percentage of blood the heart squeezes back out with each contraction, was 20 percent, less than half the normal rate. The physician tweaked Lucy’s medications and recommended follow up every 30 days until her heart rhythm was under control. Less than two weeks later, though, Lucy ended up in the emergency room again after passing out and hitting her head on the kitchen counter. That seemingly innocent ailment, however, would eventually lead to a series of tests and ultimately a diagnosis of a rare disease known as amyloidosis for which he required a bone marrow transplant at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus. Relatively few oncologists or hematologists have experience in treating amyloidosis over the course of their careers.
After a full evaluation, Stefan received a diagnosis and was informed he'd need chemotherapy treatment and possibly a bone marrow transplant, a procedure which wasn't without its risks. During July 2014, Stefan began a series of what was expected to be six to eight chemotherapy cycles.
Stefan was admitted to the hospital and had his bone marrow transplant on Christmas Day 2014. He had a difficult recovery period for a week or two immediately following the transplant, which is a common occurrence for bone marrow transplant recipients, since their immune system is compromised for a period of time. Today, Stefan's disease is being carefully managed and he is doing well, enjoying his work as a chef and spending time with his wife, two children and three grandchildren.
Marlow Cowan, whose playful piano duet in our Mayo Clinic atrium with his wife, Frances, became a YouTube sensation and led to national and international TV appearances, has passed away at age 97. One of the last questions a week ago my Dad asked me was, "Do you think there will be a piano in heaven I can play?" (Of course our Dad could never pass up a piano without playing it).
Seven years years ago last month, we saw Jodi's video and included it here on Sharing Mayo Clinic, and also posted the link to Facebook and Twitter. The Cowans also were interviewed (via something akin to Skype) for a story on the Japanese TV network, NHK, and were featured in many other news stories. We've stayed in touch since then, as I had opportunities to visit with them in Ankeny, Iowa, and as they also have returned to Rochester for some medical appointments and even a couple of concerts. We're honored that the Cowans chose to do their last major public performance at Mayo Clinic, an after-hours concert in connection with a health care social media conference we hosted in 2011. Due to Brennan's extensive injuries, doctors were concerned he might not be able to walk again. Brennan and the out-of-control truck careened down the incline and ran out of road at a T-intersection.
Paramedics arrived to direct his care and guide the task of cutting Brennan free from the wreckage.
The injuries required Brennan to be in an intensive care unit at Mayo Clinic's Saint Marys Campus.
During his stay, Brennan's spirits were buoyed by his care team, especially Mike Diekmann, one of his nurses. That extra step, he says, was crucial, as he was working through memory issues resulting from his injuries. One of Brennan's first exercises was to sit on the edge of his bed three times a day for 20 minutes. That determined attitude helped as Brennan and Kayla planned a special surprise for the guests at their wedding in January. At the end of the service, the happy couple walked out to thunderous applause, cheers and tears.
Even though he still has a lot of rehabilitation ahead of him, Brennan is hopeful he will be able to return to work soon. As Kayla reflects on all the people involved in Brennan's care, she sums up the experience in one sentence.
For six months, Chad Thompson slept sitting up to ease debilitating headaches caused by a tumor growing on a nerve in his head.
Purchased with philanthropic support from the Setzer family of Jacksonville, Florida, the Anatomage machine looks like a table-size touch screen, and it renders the human body and anatomy in three dimensions. Chad's case may be the most extensive example to date of the Anatomage’s application for patient care, says Dove. Determined to find answers, Vivian reached out to a family friend who is a cardiologist in the United States. In June 2015, Vivian came to Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, for an evaluation and diagnosis. Vivian underwent surgery in September 2015, supported by a rotating cadre of family members and friends, including her loving mother, Ruby. The high-quality care Vivian received is made possible through the generosity of benefactors who previously gave to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy research and education.
The family's gift, in honor of Vivian's parents Paul and Ruby Tsai, recognizes medical excellence and innovation at Mayo Clinic. Learn more about the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases and the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery. These treatments could help correct the severe spinal curve that had developed quickly during a growth spurt, her doctors said.
The Christophersons learned about Camden's condition shortly after a family move put her in a different school district.
Designed to treat moderate to severe scoliosis, vertebral body tethering typically is recommended for adolescents during puberty who are still growing.

Teresa's investigation took her and Camden to the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital for Children. In Philadelphia, Camden and Teresa met with surgeons that had pioneered vertebral body tethering. Although it's possible vertebral body tethering may be the last treatment Camden needs for scoliosis, the long-term results for the surgery aren't clear yet because the procedure is so new. From Teresa's perspective, it wasn't an easy road, but the effort to find an alternative solution for her daughter was well worth it. For 33-year-old Tara Brigham of Jacksonville, Florida, living with a heart condition since birth wasn't something that was going to get in the way of living an active normal life. A Minnesota native, Tara was diagnosed with enlargement of the heart during a routine checkup when she was 1 year old.
You’ll get all the tools, support, and motivation you need from us online and offline with a PERSONAL TOUCH! I first met Fadi when he was personal training at LA- Fitness in Duluth, Ga about 9 years ago. The investment that Fadi has taken in me not only in the gym but out as well has been unbelievable! Fadi and the MFS team provide the best workout and nutritional guidance in the Atlanta area.
She had several blood clots, many in distal branches of her brain, which were affecting not only her speech but her entire communications center as well as the right side of her body. But since Sherry had arrived with what doctors refer to as a ‘wake-up stroke,’ and no one could be sure when her symptoms began, administering the drug would be risky.
Brown and his team would attempt to surgically remove the clot via a catheter-based approach known as thrombectomy. She’s recovered to the point that many guests at her recent 40th birthday celebration didn’t even realize she’d had a stroke. A urologist who specializes in cancer surgery, he has spent his career focused on helping people receive the cancer care they need.
Chondrosarcoma can be hard to manage, because it tends to affect bones in the upper femur and hip. Because of its complexity, this type of surgery frequently requires a multi-disciplinary team.
He spent three weeks in the hospital recovering, followed by three weeks of rehabilitation.
Over time, with physical therapy, he was able to progress from using a wheelchair to a walker, and then to crutches. Looking back on his decision to choose Mayo Clinic for his care, he has no second thoughts. But one April morning in 2014, the Ormond Beach, Florida, elementary school teacher was barely able to walk from the parking lot to her classroom. He advised follow-up every three months and once she turned 60, blood thinners to prevent a stroke. However, she learned that in addition to having atrial fibrillation, her heart was failing.
Additional risk factors include high blood pressure, diabetes, and being age 65 or older, and females are at higher risk. In some patients with atrial fibrillation the continual fast heart rate can lead to heart failure. 22, 2015, just a few days after her birthday, Lucy made the drive from Ormond Beach to Jacksonville to have Dr. Augustine, Florida, noticed swelling in his feet several years ago, he didn't think much of it. Amyloid is an abnormal protein that is usually produced in the bone marrow and can be deposited in any tissue or organ in the body.
But after two cycles, he was told the treatments weren't working and that he'd need a bone marrow transplant to potentially improve his condition. Eventually his immune system stabilized, and he was well enough to be discharged from the hospital. Ailawadhi, and his protein levels continue to slowly improve to a manageable level, although his disease is not yet is full remission.
I told him I was certain there was something similar to a piano but much more glorious and that I was sure he would be joining with the angels playing it for the Lord. Through it he brought joy to millions (more than 11 million on YouTube as of this morning, as well as countless others through live performances.) I have been blessed to know Marlow and his family. That changed dramatically when a horrific vehicle accident landed the 30-year-old farm worker in Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, for two months. But with the help of a supportive care team and the love and encouragement of his fiancee, Kayla, Brennan progressed enough in his recovery to go home in December 2015. Driving a 30,000-pound feed truck near the town of Rollingstone in southeastern Minnesota, Brennan was at the crest of a hill when he tapped the brake pedal and came to a scary realization. After nearly four hours of effort, Brennan was moved to an ambulance and taken swiftly to Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester.
His list of injuries included a crushed right heel, several broken bones in his right leg, fractured ribs, a damaged auditory canal, and a broken pelvis, tailbone and jaw. Mike shared his artistic talents by drawing in Brennan's notebook and leaving him encouraging messages. A nurse at Mayo Family Clinic Northeast in Rochester, Kayla wanted to help her fiance while he was in the hospital.
There, he met Brianna Skrukrud,  a nurse practitioner in Trauma, Critical Care and General Surgery, who he says was critical in aiding his recovery. After seven weeks off his feet, he was able to walk 20 feet during his first day of rehabilitation.
Brennan's parents pushed him to the front of the church in a wheelchair at the beginning of the service.
He and Kayla have delayed their honeymoon in anticipation of the progress he expects to make. Now, after a successful surgery at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus in March, the 40-year-old Jacksonville resident is having conversations with friends and co-workers that he never expected. It was originally created to reduce the need for cadavers in anatomy training for medical education, but it can also be used for surgical planning and case study review. Casler, chair of Otorhinolaryngology at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus, found a better way to remove a 5-centimeter schwannoma, a benign nerve-sheath tumor, from Chad's head. Casler thought of a different approach, one that would use an incision underneath Chad's upper lip and through the bone of his mid-facial skeleton to access the tumor. Casler got together five weeks after the surgery for a special live video broadcast on Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page demonstrating the Anatomoge table and reviewing Chad’s case. With renewed resolve, she consulted with specialists, reached out to friends, and sought referrals.
This procedure corrects the curve of the spine by connecting two or more of the spinal vertebrae.
Larson at Mayo Clinic, they discussed a variety of possibilities, including the VBT procedure.
The surgeon attaches a cord to each of the screws and then pulls and secures the cord, so the vertebrae are cinched together on one side and splayed open on the other, correcting the curve. Shriners Hospitals for Children and Mayo Clinic have a close relationship that dates back to Mayo Clinic's founders.
At this time, though, it looks to be an encouraging step forward in the scoliosis treatment choices available to teens like Camden, who is happy she had the opportunity to give it a try.
In fact, she says the heart transplant she received six years ago as a result of her condition has made her life even more fulfilling. From going grocery shopping with me to coming to my home to cook with me, his commitment to my health is remarkable.
The PRIUM facility is very well equiped and can be use for any fitness level goals from just losing weight to advanced bodybuilding.

This procedure would give Sherry the best chance at regaining her mobility and communication, though the outcome was uncertain. Often called a brain attack, a stroke occurs when a blockage stops the flow of blood to the brain or when a blood vessel in or around the brain bursts. The soreness lasted well beyond what he thought was normal, so he went in for an evaluation. The diagnosis: an uncommon type of cancer called chondrosarcoma that begins in cartilage around bones.
Although he still relies on crutches, Jim has been able to resume his medical practice part-time.
Not only do these return visits fill an important medical purpose, he says they also conjure personal connections from years gone by. Unfortunately, just a few months shy of her 57th birthday, she would need more than simple follow-up.
Today her heart is stronger, and she is able to do weight training and gardening, one of her favorite activities. After all, as chef at a local golf and country club, he is on his feet for hours at a time. And to walk down the aisle at the end of his wedding ceremony a month later, with a little help and with his new bride by his side. The truck vaulted into a nearby creek embankment, where it lodged itself about 10 feet into the dirt. One of the nurses on Brennan's care team, Rhonda Overkamp, saw opportunities for Kayla to put her health care experience to use. Mayo Clinic has used it in patient care applications nearly 30 times and is one of the first medical centers to use it for that purpose, according to Conrad Dove, an information technology specialist in the simulation center. Chad researched anatomy and surgical techniques and sought a second opinion at another medical center, but he didn’t find another alternative.
Casler and his team met with Dove in the simulation center and looked at – and manipulated – the 3-D images the Anatomage created from Thompson’s MRI. Instead of being alone at the hospital on Easter Sunday, Chad was surrounded by his family. However, she began to lose strength in her early 30s and went to the doctor with her father, Paul.
But as she watched another member of her family struggle with symptoms she recognized in herself, her own condition became harder to ignore. While eating dinner, Vivian would often have to lie down for half an hour before returning to her meal because she would become so tired and lightheaded. Finally, she received a precise diagnosis — apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick.
Schaff immediately to discuss the possibility of the procedure she had been told did not exist — an apical myectomy.
Not only will this generous gift benefit Mayo Clinic patients, but patients throughout the world, including East Asia, where the Tsai family calls home.
So when doctors told her, at age 13, that she had to wear a brace for 22 hours a day to combat scoliosis, and surgery to fuse her spine was likely in her future, Camden was devastated.
And her mother, Teresa Christopherson, wasn't ready to accept that a brace and fusion surgery were her daughter's only choices. She was fitted for a brace, but due to the severity of her condition, her doctors were concerned it wouldn't be enough to correct the problem. Metal screws and rods typically are used to hold the vertebrae together, so they can heal into one solid unit.
In 2015, Shriners Hospitals joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a national network of organizations committed to better serving patients and their families through physician collaboration. I started seeing results immediately within the first month by following the proper diet and doing the workouts i was given. Over a 5 month period, I went from a dress size 16 to a size 4 from the fitness training and proper nutrition advice I received. She was a professor of physical therapy at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville and a research collaborator at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus. Although many people think of stroke as a condition that affects only older adults, strokes occur in people of all ages. Biles received his own diagnosis of an aggressive type of cancer, he knew how critical it would be to get treatment from someone with experience and expertise.
He's also back to enjoying past-times like playing the piano, visiting museums, clay shooting, fishing, boating and sailing. Kusumoto explained to her that when he looked at her EKG reports, he noticed she had atrial flutter in addition to atrial fibrillation. When he came to, Brennan grabbed his radio microphone, which was soaked with blood, and told anyone who could hear him he was in a ditch and needed a medic.
She allowed Kayla give Brennan a bath, brush his teeth, change his dressings, and help him feel comfortable. So he talked to his family and friends to prepare them for the potential outcome of his surgery.
Within 45 minutes, they pinpointed the tumor’s location, identified troublesome blood vessels they would have to avoid, and developed a “mental map,” Dr.
Nishimura explained that she had an undiagnosed apical aneurysm, which had been present in her body for at least two years, putting her in extremely high risk for blood clots.
The finding was surprising, because a year earlier, an exam showed no signs of spine problems. Because this is a new procedure that hasn't been in use long, though, Teresa wasn't ready to commit to it without doing some additional research.
Together, the team conducted the procedure through five small incisions on Camden's right side. A tailored fitness program to fit my level challenged my body into burning fat and building muscle. Fadi’s continued investment in my health and family has changed my life forever and I will forever be greatful. She spends her days teaching students and patients about the power of exercise and its impact on cardiovascular health.
Tenacious in her attempts, she practiced into the wee hours of the morning, while her husband slept in a chair next to the hospital bed. But getting all of the cancer still typically calls for taking out the hip joint along with part of the pelvic bone, a surgery called internal hemipelvectomy.
In addition, other experts such as vascular surgeons, urological surgeons, plastic surgeons and colorectal surgeons may become involved in extensive cases. He also told Lucy she could have two ablations on the same day, one to fix the atrial fibrillation and the other to fix the atrial flutter.
Guided by images from a tiny camera inserted through her back and using a technique called intraoperative low-dose CT computer navigation, the surgeons inserted the screws and cord into Camden's spine without needing a large incision or causing any significant muscle damage. I did my first bodybuilding contest about 4 years ago and since then I have done two more earning my Natural pro-card in my second and placing fifth in my first Pro level competition.
I continued each week and has EXCEEDED my initial goal to achieve results I never thought I could achieve.
There are thousands of trainers in the Atl area and I have trained with a few of the so called “top” ones.
Fadi not only supported me, but his tips and coaching on nutrition, excercise, & posing helped me significantly in preparing for my shows as well as my day to day routine. Fadi’s knowledge and approach to get me where I want to be physically far exceeds that of the others! If you are looking for a results oriented program that is tailored to your unique needs, contact Fadi!

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