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In America, your life is very independent…you have full freedom to be the way you want…Privacy is of utmost importance either at home or in a social setting. Some people like to live an independent and comfortable life of their own without being judged by others….
Dude, most such people don’t spend money to go to the US, their employer might send them. 6!) ther are still many areas in India wher we still live for food ,shelter and clothes ..
At the outset I would love to point out that every single thing written in one of the posts above shows how much the writer needs to improve on the language used for communication; there are hundreds of mistakes, grammatical as well as spelling.
If people settle outside their homeland, because of jobs and their areas of interest, that does not make their homeland bad! All the millionaires and billionaires in India were not born so; each one of them used their wisdom, knowledge and contacts to establish a big empire. Indians who have settled in America live in close Indian communities, celebrate all important festivals with all love and vigor.
Every single crime or social issue like corruption, pollution, discrimination, poverty, hunger, women and child abuse, exists in the U.S.
Let me share some of my thoughts on personal life, enjoyment and comfort in America comparing with India… this article is part of series Life in America vs. US is not a judgement free zone, people DO judge you based on your skin color (Yes, all those smiles are Fake). Whoever here is writing against US and is too pro Indian lifestyle, give them a chance to be in US. I think when we use the social media to openly express our views, we should be conscious about communicating the right way, especially when there are tools available to help you to do so.
How many of those educated, or with a Bachelor’s degree do really know what they have learnt? How many women are abused but never reported or given justice because they belong to a particular community?
How many people are never given opportunity to work, are feared or are hated because of their religion or appearance?

How many people are helped but are then criticized for their faith and then brain-washed to convert their faiths? How safe is the tap water and GM food sold openly, without declaring the source of food and the harmful effects on human beings? How healthy is an average middle class American as compared to an average Indian, in mind and body? Almost 60% of the American population has mild to severe allergies to daily use food items. Indians are hired, respected, retained, sponsored for their knowledge, sincerity, values, social responsibility, and hard work. The average life of an American might me higher by 10 years, but Indians die more healthy and have people who love them, live with them, and miss them; this to me is more important that living longer. They could have fled to another country after making it big, but they decided to retain and enhance what they created. You seem to be coming from a socialist ideology – which is not a bad thing, but somehow I feel you fail to realize the power of capitalism. Should I continue on the same path I was on or take a side trip leading to new opportunities?
As a brown guy it’s so hard for you to date a girl (unless you look like Hrithik roshan) or to make friends in a new town!
They will run to US at drop of a hat – writing something in blog is different and real life is different.
These posts not only represent you but your country, and also speak about your education, awareness, and maturity to post on social media.
No one can deny that creating an empire is undoubtedly difficult, but sustaining it and growing in the competitive world is even more difficult, but they did it and are doing it!
The ones who criticize India are the hypocrites who prefer ignoring things happening outside the closed windows of their cars, big homes and offices, in America and are content looking at the exchange rates between USD and INR. After giving it much thought, I determined the latter choice coincided with my personal goal of attaining my bachelor degree. If you trace back their roots, they all came from small, humble, at times orthodox backgrounds, but they dared to do what they believed in and achieved success, rather than going the easy route of not trying and then blaming the society for it!

These are the ones who will run for their money, the day rupee starts getting stronger and goes back to what it was few decades ago. Your brain was never trained or wired to use freedom efficiently – now what do you do?
This paper will discuss my personal goals as they apply to my educational career with the University of Phoenix, as well as some of my strengths and weaknesses that will contribute to my success. Returning to college, as a working adult, is a challenge for anyone. This means a developing country, and the largest democracy in the world supports a density, which is more that 10 times that of the supposedly supreme power of the world, and produces people who are valued worldwide.
I know I wasn’t able to do too well even though being conscious of this fact later in my schooling years.
Up to this point, I had been successful obtaining positions that would normally require a bachelor degree. I was able to prove I was suitable for management positions in various capacities simply with hard work and perseverance. My last position exposed me to new areas of interest in technology and project management that I desiderated pursuing.
So you end up having only side with rice or chapatti cause again you do not have time and only millionaires have cook.
This is the primary objective that I hope to meet by attending the University of Phoenix. Identifying strengths and weaknesses that will affect my success as a student requires more examination. I possess many attributes of strength that will help me achieve my goals, primarily my high work ethic and relentless quest for knowledge. I believe in integrity and am adept at holding those who work with me to the same standard.

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