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By being here you are taking your first steps on your journey towards being who you want to be, living your life to the full and achieving your dreams!!
Rate your satisfaction level on a scale of one to 10 (circle a number on the wheel, or simply write the number in the table below the graphic; 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest) for each of the categories in the Personal Wheel of Life. What is the state of your personal spiritual life, growth, church and community involvement, etc.? How satisfied are you with your relationship with your children, home life, extended family relationships, etc.?
How would you rate your day-to-day ministry, fulfillment of your calling, volunteer involvement etc.?

Is your experience in your day-to-day job, the fit in your industry, your level of responsibility, the compatibility of your values with the company culture, as well as your schedule, commute, income, growth potential, flexibility, positive relationships, etc. Is your income sufficient to support your giving goals, lifestyle, financial security, debt management, etc.? How attentive are you to your physical, mental and emotional health, organization, condition of home and car, simplicity of life, etc.? What is the most important thing you’d like to accomplish as a result from our work together? Deze angst veroorzaakt veel snelle veranderingen in het lichaam zodat het zich kan voorbereiden zich te verdedigen tegen gevaar of om gevaar te voorkomen.

Wanneer je lijdt aan posttraumatisch stress syndroom (PTSS) kan je de traumatische gebeurtenis niet meer vergeten, het is moeilijk om deze los te laten.

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personal life coach salary

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