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OSU is committed to providing resources for students to support your academic success and to enhance your overall confidence and comfort as you navigate the university setting.
While we’ve listed a range of resources available at OSU, also keep in mind the resources that you bring with you: the support of family and friends, your own motivation and determination, years of experience thinking and learning (in and out of school). As a resource, professors and instructors provide the most direct link to the course content you’re studying. The students who surround you are an invaluable form of support for your academic success.  Your fellow students contribute greatly to your college experience. As a student at OSU, you are expected to navigate a range of websites and learning tools (Blackboard, myOSU, MyDegrees, Student Online Services) and to regularly check and use your email for university communication. Academic advisors are trained professionals whose role is to help you navigate degree requirements, encourage reflection about educational interests, engage you in career preparation and planning, promote use of resources, and answer questions as you progress in your academic career. Academic Success Center Oregon State University, 102 Waldo Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331 · 541-737-2272Please contact us with your comments, questions and feedback. The Medication Tracker Template is a simple way to list all of your medications along with important details. At OSU we have a broad definition of “resources” that includes a range of services that might be of use to you at different points in your academic career. Your academic advisor, professors, friends, and the faculty and staff working at many of the support offices are often happy to help you find a resource you’re looking for. These are all resources and strengths to draw from as you navigate your academic path at OSU.

Think creatively about your needs, and explore the available options to find resources that meet those needs. Each college has different requirements about how and when to meet with your advisor, but, as with other resources, you should be proactive in working with an academic advisor. Keep it handy for family members, medical staff, and yourself.How to use the Medical Tracker Excel TemplateDownload the one page Excel sheet and open it. In addition to the offices and departments on campus (CAPS, Student Health Services, Academic Success Center, Office of Student Advocacy), individuals can be resources (your advisor, your instructors, a good friend, a classmate); technology can be a resource (MyDegrees, a website, your email), and even spaces (the library, the MU, the Quad), can be resources. You’re always welcome to call or stop by the Academic Success Center or Beth Ray Center for Academic Support!
It’s worth taking the time to get to know your professors.  Professors can be great mentors and strong advocates for you when you're seeking out a new opportunity in the field or requesting a reference for graduate school. Begin by entering your name in the Name field on the right, and use the left a€?Notesa€? section for anything that indicates what the sheet is for a€“ IE a€?For medical personnel in case of emergencya€?.
On this webpage we have academic resources listed in the menu above, and general success resources listed in the menu at the bottom of the page.
If you’re interested, we encourage you to seek out learning apps, websites and videos, and other pieces of technology that improve your experience as a student. A Next move down to the rows for the medication entries and start by ordering your medicine according to the time of day you take them.Fill in the name of the medication and the dosage amount, the appearance (as many can look similar), how many you take in one day, how it should be taken (IE injection with an Epi Pen), and finally the reason you take it.
Whether it’s due to illness, family emergencies, or instances and events that just take higher priority, sometimes reporting for duty simply isn’t an option.

In these cases, a leave request form template can help ensure that the proper paperwork is filled out. This leave request form template can be downloaded instantly and is free.Filling out The Leave Request FormThe leave request form template for is broken down into four different sections.
The top of the form is reserved for basic information, such as your name or the name of the employee, the position you or the employee holds and the date the sheet is being filled out.The next section requires you or the employee to refer back to the last paycheck stub received. Next, the person requesting the leave will mark how many hours they need off and when the period of off days will begin.
By filling out this portion, the employee accepts that any leave authorized in excess of the amount will be charged to leave without pay. The employee also understands that the leave application must be approved by my supervisor, prior to the date of the requested leave.The next section is to mark the reason for the paid absence. If the request has been denied, there is a space reserved for notes explaining why the request was not approved.

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personal time management excel template

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