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Designed, set up; maintained company records in QuickBooks using the complete accounting cycle. With the Wexford University Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) self-directed online training program, you learn at home, at your own pace. Book topics include the following: Networking, Sales, Marketing, Success Mindset, Publicity, Brand Building, Trends, Technology, Business Law Made Simple, Social Media, Online Marketing, and much more. The Wexford University Personal Trainer Certification is approved and licensed by the state of California. Wexford requires each certified personal trainer (CPT) to complete 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a four year period. A career in personal fitness training requires a great deal of energy, but for those who are passionate about fitness and helping others achieve their goals, it can be a great fit.
People are recognizing this trend and as a result, many are doing their best to promote fitness and well-being. If you think you have what it takes to be a top-notch personal trainer, take a look at some of the strengths and traits of athletic trainers and see if you’d be a good fit. Today's personal trainers take a holistic approach to fitness; they know that fitness is also about having a healthy lifestyle and attitude. Your career as a personal athletic trainer will depend on what level of degree you achieve, as well as what specific type of training you practice.
Demand for high-quality personal athletic trainers grows as health care professionals embrace exercise as an essential component to wellness. If you've been craving a career where you can help others feel their best, but are worried you can't fit personal training school into your schedule, consider an online program. If your goal is to become a personal trainer, you have the option of earning a certification, a two-year associate's degree or a four-year degree. Pilates training builds strength without bulk and develop body awareness, good posture and more agility. Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed. At ISTA certified, our affordable online personal training certification will help set you up for success.
During our course, you will learn how to interact with clients in both group and one-on-one situations, how to design and launch fitness programs, the best practices in safety and more. We offer one of the best online personal trainer certifications because not only can you easily get your accredited personal trainer certification online, you can also help advance you career in the fitness industry with the practical knowledge you will gain from our certification.
One of the best features of our online personal trainer certification is that you can pay on a payment plan.
The fitness industry is growing each year, so by getting an affordable personal training certification online you will be joining a top growing industry with a lot of opportunity for personal job growth. Becoming a personal trainer is a satisfying career that allows you to work with people and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Don’t let time or money or time hold you back.  Our strength training certification can start you on the career path of your dreams for a great price with little time commitment. Our fitness nutritionist online certification is aimed at helping you understand how to work directly with clients, how to plan meals and diets for clients, how to help others achieve their nutrition goal, and more. Like personal trainers, nutrition specialist get to work directly with clients on a daily basis. If you are looking to work in a satisfying career that pays well getting you fitness nutritionist certification may be the best decision you ever make. While working as a personal trainer or a nutrition specialist can both be lucrative careers. Taking our personal trainer certification and fitness nutrionist certification can also be done at the same time to expedite your training. At, ISTA, we believe a successful personal trainer must not only know the science behind what they do but also know how to work with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. If you become an ISTA certified trainer, you will gain nationally recognized certification and develop the skills necessary to help you further your career in the fitness industry. No set schedules, study when you want to; you have the freedom to take your time to ensure you completely understand each concept being taught.
Wexford Certified Personal Trainers learn cutting edge business and marketing strategies, entrepreneurship and brand building.
The University was founded in 1999, and has been continuously approved by the State of California to offer certifications, undergraduate and graduate level degrees. Each 0.1 CEU is worth one hour of study time or one contact hour in a live training format. Today in America, people are faced with greater rates of obesity and related health issues than ever before in history. Because of the need for structured fitness routines and workout plans, personal training has become an in-demand career in recent years. While many people attempt to work as a personal trainer without the proper education, our affordable online personal trainer certification will help you get the knowledge you need to help your clients achieve their weight loss goals. Our affordable online personal trainer certification uses the practical application of scientific principles to help shape your knowledge of the industry and give you the necessary background you need to help train your clients.
You also only have to pay for the educational resources you believe you need to be successful in this course.
If you enjoy working with people, and would like to make a career change our affordable online personal training certification is right for you. This certification allows you to become a recognized fitness nutrition specialist in a matter of months. After learning all of the material in the course, you will be given a multiple choice exam to test your knowledge of the course material. With the epidemic of obesity on the rise, people are looking to become nutritionists in order to help them maintain a healthy and balanced diet in order to lose weight.

A fitness nutrition specialist gets to help advise people on how to improve their health and overall livelihood.  For many, helping people achieve their nutrition goals is a very satisfying career path. Getting a background in each can ultimately increase your income and give you more career options to choose from.
While this may seem like it could be difficult, a lot of the scientific applications and elements teaching you to work with clients coincide nicely to make the combination a great pair!
Contact us today for more information on how you can get both your fitness nutrionist specialist certification and personal trainer certification online. Unlike a lot of other personal trainer certifications, our online athletic training certification is recognized by the National Board of Fitness Examiners. At ISTA, we offer three different plan types for those seeking to become certified personal trainers.
Much like our online personal trainer certification, our online fitness nutritionist certification allows you to take all of the course work online. Like our online personal trainer certification our nutrition specialist certification requires you to receive a score of a 70% or above in order to pass the course. Also like personal training, fitness nutritionist can make more or less money depending on where they live and what ultimate career path they choose in the industry. Both of our online fitness courses are aimed at giving you the scientific expertise to help clients.
We are set apart from the rest because one of our main goals is that our certified trainers will make a positive impact on the fitness industry and people’s lives. Wexford graduates work in a wide range of health and fitness centers, gyms, spas and resorts around the world.
This means that once you get your online personal trainer certification from ISTA, you can work at almost any gym or venue looking for certified personal trainers. From setting your own schedule, to getting to stay active while working there is never a dull moment as a personal trainer.
By pairing the two certifications, you can become knowledgeable in helping people with both their fitness training and their nutrition. While many certification or degrees require a long time commitment, getting your personal trainer education online can be done quickly, and at your own pace. Our basic plan contains our study manual and exercise demonstration videos, and our elite plan contains practice tests and flash cards in addition to the materials sold in the basic plan.
While many people are certified personal trainers or certified fitness nutrionist, getting both certification will give you the full knowledge to manage your client’s physical health. In order to pass our personal trainer certification, you must score at least a 70% or higher.

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