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In additional to administration, her teaching responsibilities have included courses in leadership and justice, organizational behavior, and nonprofit partnerships at the doctoral level, ministry partnerships, development strategies, servant leadership, strategic thinking, organizational behavior and human resource management at the graduate level, and leadership, management, community research and project management at the undergraduate level. Leadership Pressure Points in the Disaster Relief Game, (2012) mixed method study of leadership profiles and context for first and second response teams in disaster relief NGOs. Compassion International:  Meta-evaluation of 14 impact evaluation studies of child sponsorship in 14 countries.
Once application materials have been reviewed, the Admission Committee meets to select some applicants for face-to-face interviews. Upon completing interviews with selected prospective students, the Admission Committee decides either to recommend or not accept the applicant for admission and advises applicants in writing of this decision. Brad Shuck CareersOpportunities for GraduatesAdvanced positions in the fields of education, training and development. Positions as a university professor in the field of education and human resource education.

October 1st (priority deadline for University Fellowship and funding consideration) and February 1st. Applications received February 1st will not be considered for University Fellowship funding but may be eligible for other funding opportunities.
If you have taken the GRE, have Education Testing Service forward scores to UofL (UofL's code for sending GRE scores is 1838).
If you are a former UofL student and believe you scores are here already, attach a note indicating so with your Graduate Application. Scores, whether a new applicant or a former UofL student, must be no more than 5-years old.
Applicants with scores older than 5-years old are strongly encouraged to re-take the GRE to obtain more accurate scores.
Applicants are encouraged to have minimum GRE score at or above the 40th percentile in each of the (quantitative and verbal) area (please note that to be eligible for a University Fellowship, you must have GRE scores in the 60th percentile or above).

The TOEFL Examination is required of foreign students from countries where English is not the native language. It is the expectation of the Admissions Committee that applicants would have a minimum computer-based TOEFL score of 220 or a paper-based score of 560.
Sign up for a GRE Information Session.Transcriptsa€”undergraduate and graduate (All official, non-UofL).

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phd organizational leadership chicago

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