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With the boyish demeanor and enthusiastic energy that Pete Carroll espouses on the field, it's easy to forget that he's also been in the professional football business for more than twenty years. Just like every other playbook in the NFL, a lot of the philosophies and identities the Seahawks use today were once used by different teams in the past, and at the core of this "new" defense we're talking about are the same aspects or factors that Carroll worked with in those twenty years.
As reiterated by Danny here, Monte Kiffin remains to be the biggest influence on Carroll's development of his scheme. Offered Carroll himself: "During that time I got to work with Monte Kiffin's staff on defense. Of course, what's perhaps the most important question regarding Kiffin's scheme was whether or not it was effective, and as you can tell be the longevity of the Tampa 2 by its continued usage today (interestingly by Kiffin himself in Dallas). Kiffin would "take" Carroll with him to his first NFL gig, which would be under Bud Grant and the MInnesota Vikings.
Carroll was officially named the defensive coordinator of the Jets in 1990, and would stay at that position until he was promoted to his first stint as a NFL Head Coach in 1994 when he had led the defense to 6th in the league just a season before.
As you can see here, the 4-3 influence is easily observed with the defensive line's positioning.
Also, there was a lot of confusion and curiosity back in Week 2 or 3 last season when Carroll publicly supported Greg Schiano for playing full speed at a kneel down against the Giants one game. A 6-10 season would be enough for the Jets, and Carroll was canned after only one year at the helm.
Carroll probably coached the best defense of his career with the 49ers at the time (they were ranked 2nd in points allowed and 1st and yards allowed in 1995), and the roster was stacked with perhaps an equal amount of instinctiveness, athleticism, and speed. The Niners' defensive line, while usually playing in 4-3 formation, unusually played two-gap football. Carroll also had an amazing All-Pro safety duo who were amazingly comparable to Seattle's safety duo today. Finally, there was the legendary Bill Walsh, who was a consultant for the coaching staff at the time but one from whom Carroll consistently heeded advice. You are looking for somebody who can move down the line of scrimmage and make a tackle, pursuing a ball-carrier.
Despite having putting some of the most talented and well-rounded teams on the field, the 49ers would not repeat a Super Bowl appearance until this past February.
If Carroll traded up in taking the 49ers defensive coordinator job, then he might've landed one of the better gigs at the time taking on the 1997 New England Patriots.
Carroll's lack of speed and athleticism within the LB corps also led him to use DB-oriented schemes, which we now know as the Bandit and Amoeba packages.
At 61, Carroll is currently the second oldest head coach in the league behind Tom Coughlin of the Giants, and has already established his share of a coaching tree within the college and NFL ranks.

It's safe to say with the amount of players and coaches he's had to work with there must be some influence on the way this team is built.
Kiffin, as I wrote on the last post, revolutionized defenses with his Tampa 2 scheme, which featured quickness over size and a bend-but-don't-break philosophy. The Kiffin's Tampa 2 would've perhaps shown its fullest potential under its tenure with the Buccaneers, where the trio of Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber capped perhaps the best defensive performance at the Super Bowl in 2002 with five turnovers and five sacks. I loved the tight-knit intensity of coaching a position group, and in my close relationship with the guys I coached, I guess I developed - for better or worse - a reputation for being a "player's coach". With some control over play-calling duties and roster building for the first time in his career, this was the opportunity for Carroll to test out the scheme he always wanted to build. Nevertheless, his scheme drew many interest from different teams, including one of Denver lead by an up-and-comer named Mike Shanahan. One such player would be hard-nosed All-Pro linebacker Ken Norton Jr who would often trash-talk to his teammates, Jerry Rice and Steve Young, in practice.
As Carroll said: "We mixed the concepts of one-gap football and two-gap football in a very unique way in San Francisco," harkening back to 1995-1996.
The starting lineup included: Free Safety Merton Hanks, who measured at 6'2, was hard-hitting, and had a nickname called "Bamm-Bamm" and had a famous chicken dance. As Jene Baramel wrote in the New York Times: "Carroll [uses] a pass-rushing variation that was first popularized by George Seifert in San Francisco.
In addition to Walsh explaining his idea of a good QB, the defensive philosophies that he had during the "Golden 80's" still resound in Carroll's own roster building.
Must have the girth, strength, ballast to hold off the guard, or to step into a tackles' block without being knocked off the line of scrimmage. That would be lateral quickness in a short area, being able to get underway and move over and through people.
They won't have nearly as many sacks as others, but if they can move the guard back into the quarterback, then the quarterback has to avoid his own lineman as if he were a pass rusher before he throws the ball. And Carroll, enjoying the taste of success with his hometown, would again get another chance at the HC job with the Patriots two years later.
He doesn't have the right personnel to fit his scheme, most of his staff are new, and no one was going to overturn the AFC Champion roster. The different idiosyncrasies from different schemes that evolved over the years, and are implemented into the Seahawks' defense today. He isn't just some up-and-coming riser with an innovative knack for defense, but rather a traditionalist who outlined a philosophy that he now fully believes in. While Sapp was always highlighted as the best three-technique to have ever played, Brooks and Barber were both faulted at the draft for being too small.

Carroll, at the last minute, changed course and instead took a job with the Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers, where his defensive scheme will evolve again into another dimension.
Needless to say, Norton was hired by Carroll when he was first at USC, and is now currently the linebackers coach for the Seahawks.
On the other side was Tim McDonald, also at 6'2, but was more instinctive and caught more interceptions than his partner in crime. Looking to create mismatches anywhere he could against opposing offensive lines, Seifert allowed his weakside defensive end to move around his defensive formation to rush the passer from either side of the defense from a two-point stance. If you get knocked off the line, or get knocked sideways or knocked off balance, you cannot play this position. On offense was a core group of stars under 1st overall pick Drew Bledsoe, a young buck RB known as Curtis Martin, a dynamic Troy Brown, a solid offensive line and Terry Glenn in his prime.
Now, the last time I wrote about Parcells I mentioned he was a pioneer like Carroll, except that he was a innovator of the 3-4, not the 4-3.
The answer lies in the implementation of 3-4 concepts into a 4-3 defense, and had shades of what we know today as the Seahawks' defense. Under Carroll, Bruschi was the starting WILL and the primary pass rusher, similar to a role that might be employed by K.J. However, Kiffin used their quickness and tackling ability to his advantage, and like Carroll, made third round selections and draft reaches into Hall of Fame players.
And as you can tell by the roster he constructed above, it shows that he was still fully committed to this scheme even ten years past the Giants era. He ran a 4-3 under defense that he perfected at Nebraska and they won a national title and many conference titles while he was there in the 1970's.
The hands, the arms, the upper body strength and then the quick feet to take advantage of a moving man, just getting him off balance. Parcells took practically every incumbent staff with him - namely Bill Belichick and Romeo Crennel.
Chris Slade, who used to be the opposite OLB to Bruschi, moved down to DE and played the LEO. Schemes aren't created out of thin air, and the journey through Carroll's history proves the long and weary road he has traveled to create what we now see as extraordinary.

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