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Organizational ConsultingMany healthcare organizations recognize the need for effective physician leadership development as an organizational priority.
While healthcare organizations across the country may share this strategic priority, their unique cultures make the template a€?solutionsa€™ offered by most consulting firms unappealing.
CPL works with your organization in engaging your physician leaders and assuring their success. We can help your organization develop or improve your own internal Physician Leadership strategy. Customized Physician Leadership Training ProgramsWhile healthcare organizations may share similar challenges, CPLa€™s experience leads us to conclude that the diversity of healthcare culture dictates the need for customized solutions. We have identified core leadership competencies that need to be mastered, a core curriculum of didactic and experiential learning tools to assure their mastery, and ongoing support programs to sustain their mastery. Customized Physician Coaching ProgramsLeadership programs that offer new information and suggestions for improvement often fall short of providing sustainable and measurable improvement in effective leadership skills.
Moving through the four stages of adult learning (seea€¦a€¦) can be difficult and frustrating. The goal of 1:1 coaching is to provide an intensive, completely individualized support program for physician leaders, one that helps them accelerate their skill development and make sustainable behavioral change. Follow-up coaching for the physician participants is an effective way to ensure that the leadership teachings are not only understood, but applied by each individual in their own unique setting. Phase 2: Action Planning a€“ where the coach and coachee translate everything theya€™ve learned into actionable items. Phase 3: Implementation a€“ where the coach and coachee meet regularly by phone or video conference and focus on the key development areas defined in each physician leadera€™s Action Plan. CPL offers a variety of solutions for those interested in providing their physicians with educational workshops on physician leadership topics. We understand that physicians and executives dona€™t have time for abstract, a€?softa€? discussions.
Our Brief Workshops are typically a half-day (3 hours), with an overview of physician leadership concepts delivered in a didactic, engaging environment.
Our Intensive Workshops are typically one or two days, and target small groups of Physician Leaders (8-12 participants), who come to the table with very specific issues they would like to address. Our goal for the Intensive Workshops is for each Physician Leader to walk away with a specific, individualized plan that they are confident to begin implementing in their hospital immediately.
Please call or email for a complimentary consultation to discuss your organization's leadership training needs and how we can help.
Join a distinguished community of more than 250 graduates and current participants who are leading positive changes in health care.

Organizations benefit when they send more than one person to a single executive education program.
Immediate application: Teams begin business initiatives and tackle challenges in the program and carry this work forward in their organizations. If you need to cancel, please call our office at least five working days before the beginning of the program to avoid a 10 percent processing fee. Provide your contact information, and optional interest area(s) and questions for us, and we'll be in touch with more information about our program offerings. NOTE: Please turn on JavaScript in your web browser - it is required to successfully submit this form. We specialize in resolving these difficult situations and equipping you to effectively diagnose, intervene and coach your high maintenance people.
The AWL Group is accredited by the Minnesota Medical Association to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Physician Leadership Program Testimonials Apr 11, 16 07:44 PMThe testimonials below were offered by participants in one of our recent Physician Leadership programs. Action Wheel Helped Our Clinic Make a Unanimous Decision Apr 06, 16 03:43 PMAt our last board meeting the board used the Action Wheel to help with a decision involving the future site of one of our clinics and its providers. Culture Trumps All Apr 01, 16 04:38 PMWhen working with a prospect, he asked how the Action Wheel would impact his start-up organization. This program has been accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario Chapter for up to 11 Mainpro-M1 credits.
If you are looking for interesting activities for spouses and participants please check our diverse selection of walking and driving tours.
Think Tank Leader Simon Sinek uses daily self-reflection with great success, as do many other professionals worth listening to!
Self-reflection requires that we ask courageous questions of ourselves before we expect others to follow our lead. Self-reflective physician leaders are far more satisfied in their daily work and committed to forwarding their organization’s mission, vision, and values. Through self-reflection, physicians will grow as people and professionals, and become more deeply engaged in the transformation of healthcare. Such demands can feel like threats to who physicians are, to the fabric of their professional identity and to the many years of work spent developing their expertise.
Physicians can learn to remain engaged and respond to such challenges with greater effectiveness by using a process of daily self-reflection.
The Physician Leadership Institute teaches the essential self-reflection techniques that enable courageous acts and courageous conversations.

Healthcare administrators must play their part to support physicians in this process of leadership development, including self-reflection. Teaching physicians essential leadership development exercises, such as daily self-reflection, is one of the most powerful investments that can be made in the future of your healthcare organization.
Are you ready to create a culture of self-reflective physician leaders who are deeply satisfied in their daily work and engaged in forwarding your organization’s mission, vision, and values? Unlike other leadership programs that offer templates or a€?off the shelfa€? solutions, CPL uses our core knowledge base and works with your organization to develop customized physician leadership programs that assure success for your organization and its culture. We have seasoned executive coaches who understand the leadership challenges that physicians face, and have the tools to help them succeed in the new environment. Workshops are highly tailored for the participants and their particular leadership challenges.
Requests for references from our PLC graduates are welcome (Visit our testimonials page for examples). This includes faculty instruction, executive coaching, materials, books, resources, continuing medical education credits, lodging during module 1, meals, refreshments, graduation banquet and St.
Our more than 250 graduates and 36 current participants are serving more than 50 health care organizations in nine states. There is never a charge for our consultants to meet with you and explore your leadership goals.
Classes are designed around individual assessments and provide opportunities to apply what is learned in real-world scenarios. Administrators must acknowledge their physicians are rising to leadership positions at a time of great convergence.
A $1,000 deferral fee will be charged and applied to the applicant’s 2017 PLC program fee.
PLI then partners with physicians to create personal strategy maps that help physician leaders remain self-reflective and courageous on the job, so they may continue to thrive and innovate each day. Big data + big technology + big regulations= huge demands on physicians, and all must be integrated into providing top quality patient experiences and outcomes.

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