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Behind every fearless player is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be. The rugby field or pitch is 100m x 70m and has goalposts and scoring zones at each end as in American Football although the overall area of a rugby union field is larger.
For those used to seeing American Football players and the protective gear they wear it can be a shock to see how little a rugby player uses.
The shirts numbers 1-15 in Rugby Union indicate the player positions and duties on the field. The oval or egg-shaped rugby ball is rounder than their American cousins to give a more even bounce.
Rugby games are played over two halves, each 40 minutes in length, and points are awarded when the ball is carried into the in-goal area behind the posts and grounded or when a player kicks the ball between the posts. The most common form of Rugby Union involves two teams, 15 players on each, but Rugby Sevens is becoming  more popular. There are many similarities between Rugby Union and American Football as they have the same origins although they do differ on a couple of key points. Try: if a player touches the ball down on or over their opponents try line they are awarded 5 points. Penalty kick: referee can award a penalty for rule infringements, if the place kick between the posts is successful the team receive 3 points.
A ruck is when a player goes to ground with the ball, a maul is when the player remains standing and is at the centre of a move to push the ball. Rugby Union has a very strong ethos of team work and respect and the governing body, World Rugby, places a lot of emphasis on the on and off field culture they are trying to maintain.

So what is rugby union? Rugby Union – its fast, furious and fun – give it a try! Welcome to LineoutCoach, the website of Gavin Hickie, Rugby Coach for Dartmouth College & USA Rugby.
Now a professional sport, Rugby Union is played in over 100 countries and the Rugby World Cup, played every four years, is the third biggest sporting event in the World.
Scrum caps and mouth guards protect ears, heads, teeth and tongues but they use little else. There are 15 players on the pitch for each team at any time, 8 Forwards (no 1-8) and 7 Backs (no 9-15), who will place offensive and defensive roles depending on possession.
As the name suggests there are seven players on each team and each half lasts 7-10 minutes depending on the competition rules. For example forward passes are not allowed in rugby, and there are no downs, rugby is a free-flowing game which continues until the referees whistle blows. However they both require strength, strategy and speed and the aim in both is to carry, kick and pass a ball trying to get to the opponents  goal line. These are key points in the game as the ball can be turned over (won by the defending team) and players can get held up extricating themselves from the pile of bodies which causes gaps in the defensive line which can be exploited. Called by the referee for rule violations the two forward packs in each team face off against each other in a formation which tests their strength. The two Forward packs line up parallel to each other and the hooker throws the ball down the middle with the intention retaining possession through a pre rehearsed call and move. It is a sport which all can play, there is a rugby position to suit all physiques and skills.

Junior rugby is very popular in America with the USA Rugby Rookie Rugby programme recognised for its success in introducing the sport to a new generation.
If you are a player or coach you'll find advice on all things rugby to help you improve your game. Rugby gear is a jersey, shorts, socks and boots or rugby cleats with studs which help grip in scrums and sprint towards the try line but also come in handy in rucks. Like linebackers or linesmen in American Football, the Forwards use their strength to win possession of the ball. What is Rugby Union if not a competition of physical endurance and this set piece play typifies that but when you get to know the tactics of the game there are many ways to gain advantage from the scrum through position and timing. The aim is to get the ball quickly to the Backs or to form a maul and drive the ball across the line depending on field position.
The Backs have agility and speed to turn that possession into points as do running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks.

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