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For more information about this licensing and joint development opportunity, please contact us by phone or e-mail: (919) 249-0327, . Many organizations face complex, hierarchical program and management structures, each with its own budget, requirements, milestones, and goals.
The back-end information integration component of the process is based on Ames’s NETMARK technology, which utilizes XML to convert myriad data formats into one universal data type that PMT repackages as end users need to view specific business information.
End users simply take business documents and reports that they use regularly and input them into the PMT system, typically requiring only a simple drag-and-drop into the PMT interface. First, the use of standardized business documents as a user interface enables organizations to begin using PMT almost immediately, with no learning curve necessary for a new data input system. Second, the use of schema-less XML data integration (using NETMARK) eliminates the need for end users to save data as a certain file type or for organizations to hire administrators to convert data to specific formats. Finally, PMT is based on back-end XML integration, an open standard that makes the system interoperable with existing information and project management systems. PMT includes a library of dozens of predefined report templates, as well as the ability to develop new templates for use within an organization. Figure 2: Project schedules can be tracked in a user-friendly spreadsheet environment, using the familiar Gantt chart format.
Figure 4: Financial data can be seamlessly integrated from the enterprise financial system.
This option is used when you wand a quick install, however the wizard will auto define the hostname name, node name, cell name and dmgr name etc.
On the Server Type Selection screen, you will be presented with an option to define the type of management profile. An administrative agent profile is required to allow multiple stand alone application servers to be administered using a single administrative console.Deployment ManagerOnly available in WAS ND, this option allows nodes to be federated into a Cell. Click Next to define the Profile Name and Location.In the example screen shot we can see that I have changed the Profile name to use lowercase.
On the Security Certificate (Part 2) screen you will be presented with the name of the new default certificate. On this screen the PMT tool will scan for other installations of WebSphere Application Server and present the best ports to use. The Nextscreen is the Windows Service Definition, on this screen you can choose to run the deployment manager process as a system service. Once the creation of the deployment manager profile is complete, you will then be presented with an option to run the first Steps console. Click Installation Verification, a screen will pop up and show the installation verification result of starting the deployment manger. Once you have created the deployment manager profile it is good practice to test the installation immediately before creating any other node profiles. Note:You can use any modern browser ie Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox, but Firefox and IE are the best. Now that we have verified that the administrative console work and that we have a running deployment manager we can check to see the ports we defined in the PMT wizard.

Within the Administrative console locate the System Administration section which is found in the Left-Hand-Side navigation panel. Before we can create a node profile which will create a node agent and allow for servers (JVMS to be created) we need to identify the SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS port for example: 8879.
Our online Progress Monitoring Tool, (irisPMT™) works with the We Have Skills curriculum to help teachers measure students’ behavioral skills. We Have Skills work together to ensure your students master the skills that enable school success.
The job of defining, managing, and tracking program goals, schedules, and resources becomes increasingly complex as organizations become more distributed and use different reporting systems. PMT also eliminates the need for information administration, automating the communication of information with standard templates.
Instead, database administration is eliminated because NETMARK provides a universal data type from which all business information can be aggregated. This can help large organizations significantly reduce the cost and time associated with entering the same data multiple times into different systems. Please refer to the NETMARK system requirements technical specifications for more information. Stand alone is also known as Base and it is a Cell, Node, Server (JVM) all in one along with the Admin Console.
A Node is where JVM’s (Servers) will be created and managed by the Node Agent associated with that profile. On this screen you can allow the wizard to give you a default profile which essentially is default naming schemes and options. Just remember that WAS will not run if these ports are being used by another process such as from another WAS installation.
The screen capture above is an example of a Deployment Manager being installed on a Windows machine.
Using this tool, is a quick way to verify that he dmgr profile has been created and will run.Check the Lunch the First steps console option and click Finish. You can optionally use the verification option.Below is an example of running the verification.
The username is irrelevant at this stage as Administrative Security (Previously known as Global Security) is not turned on. The reason we do this, is that when we create a node profile we will need to refer to one of these ports. In the general Properties section you can see the Name of the node is called dmgr (this is the unique cell name identifier for the dmgr node).
Quickly helps teachers identify students who need additional support, pinpoints specific skills in which the whole class could use more instruction, and records individual student milestones. Simple user interface, quick uploads of class rosters, and streamlined student management save teacher time and cost. PMT, in conjunction with NETMARK, acts as the nervous system of complex organizations, enabling seamless information transmission between programs, enhancing efficiency, and aiding proactive decision-making.

NASA's PMT addresses these challenges by transferring data seamlessly between managers using different data views, helping to eliminate data discrepancies and providing a way to make decision-impacting information consistent and timely.
The information then is composed and formatted for output to business documents and applications as needed for end applications. This enables PMT to automatically generate aggregated documents from any number of input files from multiple programs. In addition, this breakthrough enables transparency up and down the management chain because project managers can monitor how their project information is being summarized in the diversity of presentations and documents used by program managers. You can associate a node with a Physical machine if you want, however there can be more than one node profile on a given machine instance. The wizard will by default present unique names for each field based on the local machines hostname.Do not use IP addresses.
If this is a test server you may want to make the certificate expiry 15 years, so it ever expires. Expand the Ports section and you will see the list of ports as defined during the dmgr profile creation. The application is simple to use, with a user interface that utilizes standard business documents—creating a friendly, familiar environment to keep track of project goals, risks, milestones, and deliverables, and helping to appropriately allocate resources. Built on industry standards like eXtensible Markup Language (XML), this advanced application integrates heterogeneous information and composes analyses and reports from distributed sources.
Program managers can also see more detailed project information, beyond the project summaries that they may normally receive. We want to select Advanced profile creation which will allow us to decide on the applied naming scheme and profile locations etc.
Use host names and if all the nodes are on one box, ensure that appropriate dns or local host file names are created for WAS. This results in truly relevant connections between multiple sources across the organization—saving time and resources, and significantly improving efficiency. This approach eliminates discrepancies between multiple documents that use the same project information, because multiple project documents are automatically created from the XML database. If this is a concept machine, then I wuld recommend not using DNS, just use your local host file.Below, is an example of a host file on Windows for the Deployment Manager and the two nodes I will federate into the Cell (A Cell is managed by the DMGR).
So essentially in this example, you are using SSL certificates governed by our own organisation. You could however allow the Deployment Manager etc to be installed and set the Services to manual or disabled.

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