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Becoming a KHF INDIA Education Ambassador through our Monthly Giving Program means that we can count on your timely support month after month. Free education for 40 students an effort of KHF in the name and style of JANNAT EDUCATION CENTRE for children's education, the centre is 100% Free.
Urgently Require an Ambulance (Maruti Van).The Ambulance will cost us approximately Rs 3 Lakhs. This is realized by making children participate in the organizationi??s programs as an inherent component giving them opportunity to get involved in conceiving, designing and implementing the activities.

This allows us to deliver long lasting impact to the children and communities we serve.
Participatory approach with children is cherished as a core value within Kashmir Humanity Foundation.
When you invest in this project, you'll give these children the chance to break the cycle of poverty. But now, with the help of KHF the community has come together to develop a plan to free education centre the families , don't want a handout; they want a chance to change their children's fates forever.

Provides one child with shoes, uniform, textbooks, supplies and all the school fees to attend a Good school for an entire year.

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poor social skills 5 year old

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