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Dunkirk is one of the mostly hotly anticipated films in years thanks to an all-star cast consisting of Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles (pictured centre and right), who was spotted on set today in uniform sporting a bloodied bandage. One of ISIS's most renowned British jihadi brides Sally Jones has issued a chilling threat against civilians in the UK, warning of terror attacks in London. Four suspected Islamic State recruiters have been detained in Belgium, with authorities saying they may have been planning new attacks. The adage goes that 'you are what you eat', and according to a team of experts that is true when it comes to boosting your skin's appearance, banishing wrinkles and looking younger. Matt LeBlanc may have revealed the Stig's identity as racing driver Phil Keen via social media as the rest of his Top Gear colleagues launched the revamped show at a Surrey aerodrome.
The remains of an illegal cannabis factory were fly-tipped in the quiet village of Rhydypandy in the Swansea valley in South Wales, and worried locals fear the sheep have been munching the herb. New interactive maps (pictured left and right) allow you to find out what your area will look like in 2024 as projections from the Office for National Statistics lays bare the impact of Britain's open borders policy in every borough across England. Jennie Gray, 36, pictured, claimed officials released the body of little Ellie Butler to grandparents without permission, adding she only found out about the 'secret cremation' in an email.
In a stinging rebuke, the Home Secretary warned there was 'no excuse' for the 'toxic and corrosive' attitudes identified in some of the country's fire and rescue services. A report by the Swedish police force notes how the country has the worst rates of physical and sexual violence against women in the European Union. St George Wharf, which towers over the River Thames in the Vauxhall area of South London, contains more than 200 luxury flats most of which are worth more than A?1million.
As the mystery of what caused EgyptAir Flight MS804 to crash into the Mediterranean Sea deepens, the latest theory to emerge claims it was brought down by a meteor fragment. The child in Year 6 gave an extremely witty answer when asked to write a sentence using the word 'point' as a noun. Sovereign Housing have ordered Kevin Sheehan (pictured) to demolish the water features at his home in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Weight lifting and interval training can also strengthen bones and muscles, boosting quality of life, the European Menopause Society's journal reports. Australian landscaper Charlie Albone not only won an award at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show in London, but claims he also got to hear Prince William get called 'babe' by his wife.
The travel company's UK Facebook page has been inundated with complaints from people frustrated with delays getting through to customer services by telephone.
The Italian navy said at least 550 people had been pulled to safety off the coast of Libya but added that the rescue operation was still underway and that the death toll could rise. Known as a yoni massage the treatment focuses on clients discovering new areas of pleasure but is also said to be effective with helping them to cope with trauma or a recent break up. He was joined by an army of extras and a fleet of WWII battle ships which descended on Dunkirk beach this afternoon as Hollywood invaded Normandy for another day of action-packed filming (left). London is set to be turned into a Megacity in eight years' time, according to the statistics, with nearly 10 million people predicted to be living in the capital by 2024 (the rise in each area in England is shown in the graph, top middle).
When he asked why, the 62-year-old claims they told him the measure had to be adopted because 'if someone breaks in they could fall in the pond'. Shocking pictures show the vessel starting to lean to one side before refugees start diving into the water as it capsizes.
In full Allied regalia dozens of extras were seen marching up the beach - flanked by cardboard cut-outs to bolster their numbers - almost 76 years to the day since 338,000 British, French and Belgian troops were evacuated from the beaches during World War II. The capital - along with the South East and East of England - will grow by a faster rate than the country overall. Mr Sheehan, who lives with his partner and their one-year-old daughter Olivia, has slammed the ruling as 'ridiculous' - insisting people should not be breaking into his property in the first place.
Frantic passengers swam for their lives as the boat started to overturn and sink beneath the surface.
The dimwitted former benefits scrounger, who abandoned her disastrous career as a punk rocker to convert to Islam, revealed she is now hiding in the ISIS-held city of Mosul in Iraq. The alarming population projections come on the eve of the final release of immigration statistics before the June 23 referendum. More than 6,000 migrants have been rescued from the Mediterranean in just over 48 hours as Italian officials revealed people smugglers now account for half of GDP along Libya's coast. Details of Britain's rising migrant population comes at a sensitive time for the Government as it tries to convince voters to stay in the EU and continue to sign up to its freedom of movement rules, which allow the EU's 500 million citizens to move freely between 28 different countries.

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portuguese lottery winner dies of heart attack

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