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Overcoming relationship problems: Write what positive changes you wish to bring in yourself? I always write alone in StarSai sitting in my room but since I have leave for 3 days, I am working on various projects and also wanted to try something new to keep Sai devotees engaged. Before we see the handwritten resolution, have a look at the beautiful Ganesha Rangoli she had made.

I personally believe this message suits everyone out there no matter what worries you are going through. One of my friend (We both decided not to reveal her name since she was going through some relationship problems and thankfully coming out of her worries).
I want to change my heart,soul and mind because, I trust people very soon,and this affects me later..

I told her clearly to write on a paper about what she wishes to change in herself, take a photo of it and send it to me.

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positive changes for weight loss

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